BootLeg Betty

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On

Bette Midler Live At Caesar’s Palace

The Band:

Bette Sussman – Musical Director/Keyboards

Tom Barney – Bass

Sonny Emory – Drums

Taku Hirano – Percussion

Wayne Johnson – Guitar

Mike Miller – Guitar

Darrell Smith – Keyboards

Shayna Steele – Backing Vocals

The Fat City Horns:

Danny Falcone – Trumpet

Gil Kaupp – Trumpet

Robert Mader – Saxophone

Gerald Merra – Saxophone

Nathan Tanouye – Trombone

Phil Wigfall – Saxophone

The Harlettes:

Jordan Ballard

Kyra Dacosta

Kamilah Martin


Toni Basil


Eric Kornfeld

Bette Midler

Bruce Vilanch

Your Host (tee hee):

Mister D

Bette addresses the crowd at her 100th performance with a poem…
Monday, June 8

The president’s first hundred days
Was news around the globe
While mine, I’m celebrating
In a corset and a robe

Though he exposed his policies
For critics all to see
Instead I am exposing, well,
An awful lot of me!

I’ve done this gig a hundred times
And still, how it can thrill me
You see, I really can’t believe
Each time it doesn’t kill me

But you know I will continue
I will be here every night
Doing numbers in a fishtail
While I’m burning cellulite

For what’s a mere 100 shows
In the great big scheme of things
When the people need their Diva
And some wind beneath their wings

So fear not because this Showgirl —
Though she’s tired, old and sore —
Will be going on and on until
She does a hundred more!

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