Bette Midler: The Concerts


The Early Days (1971)

The Club Tour (1972)

The Divine Miss M Tour (1973)

Clams on the Half Shell Revue (1975)

The Songs For The New Depression Tour (1975-1976)

An Intimate Evening with Bette (1977-1978)

World Tour (Bette Midler) (1978)

Bette! Divine Madness (1979-1980)

De Tour (1982 – 1983)

Experience the Divine (1993)

Experience The Divine Again! (1994)

Diva Las Vegas (1997)

Bathhouse Betty Club Tour (1999)

The Divine Miss Millennium Tour (1999-2000)

Kiss My Brass (2003 -2004)

Kiss My Brass Down Under (2005)

The Showgirl Must Go On (2008 -2010)

Divine Intervention (2015)

One thought on “Bette Midler: The Concerts

  1. We saw Bette twice in 1973. Once at Masonic Temple in Detroit and again in Ann Arbor, MI.
    Would anyone know the dates of these shows?

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