Bootleg Betty Bette Midler Jukebox

ArtWork: Charles Little
Artwork: Charles Little

Mister D: When I first started the Bootleg Betty Bette Midler Jukebox I used to fill with bootleg audio of Bette Midler which I changed out every month. I will start it up again with 3 sections but with fewer songs of Bette singing. I used to put up 50+ tracks each month, but in retrospect, I feel that was too much. Therefore I will try to change the music every 2 – 4 weeks since the song selection will be smaller. There will be three parts. To make it easy, I would bookmark this page. It will not be on the main page.

This is just a test run. I will most likely change the whole look of the page by the end of December. Also, I will add the other two sections: One will be different cover versions anywhere from the original artist to the many versions sung by different artists, which could range from the sublime to the ‘meh’ to the ratched.

The third jukebox will be karaoke so that you can test your singing chops. Oh, you know all of you will sound heavenly. I hope you will have fun with this. Maybe some of you can send me an audio of you singing to one of these tracks in the future, and I’ll post it on the front page in a post. But use the name that most people know you by. And don’t be afraid of the really good singers. Just have fun

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