Bunny Boy

Bunny Boy

(Marc Shaiman)

C.C.:     Message for the birthday boy from his darling bunny girl, Barbara.

John:    From my what?

C.C.:     I don’t write it, pal.  I just deliver it.

Happy, happy birthday, Bunny Boy!

Love’s kinda funny with a bunny boy

He loves me so hard; he’s my bundle of joy

I try to go to sleep, but it’s just no use

‘Cause all he really wants to do is reproduce

            Sung to the tune of “Happy Birthday”:

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, darling Johnny

Happy birthday to you

C.C.:     Love from your darling bunny girl, Barbara  [kiss sound]

John:    Hey, wait a minute.

C.C.:     Nope, I only do encores for cash.

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