BetteBack Jan 30, 1976: Touring Is In Bette Midler’s Blood

LOS ANGELES - Then Bette says to Sir Laurence Olivier. 'If only I could have taken classes. If only you…

Newsmakers: Bette Midler Sings Neil Young (with a hilarious introduction) and Joni Mitchell

Bette Midler Sings Neil Young’s Birds in The Depression Tour 1976 Birds(written by Neil Young) “Oh, that’s so heavy.We’re gonna…

Video: Bette Midler – Fried Eggs – Hello In There – 1976

This is one of my favorite pieces of Bette Midler. It’s a classic. The funny, yet poignant monologue which seamlessly…

Photo: Bette Midler in the Depression Tour! – 1976

On This Day In History: The Fabulous Bette Midler Show Premiered On The Fledgling HBO Cable Channel

The Bette Midler Show is an HBO video special of one of Bette Midler’s tours entitled “The Depression Tour”. The…

Bette Midler – BWBB – Friends – The Bette Midler Show – 1976

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BetteBack Feb. 14, 1976: The Bette Midler Incident In Buffalo, New York Or Why Bette Wouldn’t Play There Till Kiss My Brass 2004

Mister D: Or why Bette didn’t play Buffalo, NY again until the Divine Intervention Tour The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)…

I’m Wishing A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Lullabye On Broadway – Bette Midler

Hawaiian War Chant – Vicki Eydie – Bette Midler -1976

Video: Up The Ladder To The Roof ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: Sir Lawrence Olivier Smitten With Bette Midler (April 26, 1976)

State Times Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) Monday, April 26, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Midler Of The Suburbs (March 20, 1976)

Video: Hello In There ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: The Divine Bette Midler Dazzles Valley Forge (March 10, 1976)

Delaware County Daily Times The Divine Dazzles Valley Forge March 10, 1976 VALLEY FORGE – Zany, zealous, wild and witty…

Video: Lullaby of Broadway ~ Bette Midler

Video: Istanbul ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: A Lot Smarter Than Cher And Twice As Talented (March 6, 1976)

Trenton Evening Times (Trenton, NJ) Bette’s Back With Her Act Together By Eric Sauter Saturday, March 6, 1976

Video: Oh My My/Friends ~ Bette Midler ~ 1976

“Friends – Oh My My!” And I am all alone. There is no one here beside me. And my problems…

BetteBack 1976: A Pair Of Combustible Crowd-Pleasers (February 11, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Wednesday, February 11, 1976

Video: Birds ~ Bette Midler

Birds (written by Neil Young) “Oh, that’s so heavy. We’re goanna do a, a Neil Young song. Neil is so…

BetteBack 1976: Bette Midler Wows Cleveland; Films For Posterity! (February 7, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) In Review Saturday, February 7, 1976

BetteBack 1976: Bette’s Back (January 30, 1976)

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Bette Is Back Friday, January 30, 1976

Audio: Shiver Me Timbers/Samedi Et Venderedi ~ Bette Midler

“Shiver Me Timbers / Samedi Et Vendredi” Well, I’m leavin’ my family, leavin’ all my friends. My body’s at home,…

Video: Istanbul ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: Bette Performs “Depression” In The Round

Mister D: This is the performance that I saw on this tour…. Frederick News Post High priestess of camp pitches…

Audio: No Jestering ~ Bette Midler

Audio ~ Buckets Of Rain ~ Bob Dylan & Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: Midler’s Posse Busted In Buffalo

Post Herald Midler Group Busted February 17, 1976 BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) – Seven members of singer Bette Midler’s touring company…

Video: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy ~ Bette Midler

Video: Long John Blues ~ Bette Midler

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