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Some Ding Dang Diddley Cool Effects Photos I’m Sharing From Bette Midler’s IG Page (except for the cool first photo)

Hits: 0Mister D: These Instagram photos came from Bette’s account with some neat effects to them.…

Glam Photos Of Celebrities And The Stories Behind Them

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Video: Bette Midler – That’s How Love Moves – Wetten Daas – 1998

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People Magazine Features Glam Photos By Countess Camilla McGrath

Hits: 0Model Jerry Hall (with Bette Midler) was surrounded by friends for her baby shower at…

Photos: The Politician

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Photo: Bette Midler and Barry Manilow

Hits: 49BETTE MIDLER & BARRY MANILOWPeter Cunningham Photographer It was 1972 and I was a baby…

Photo: Bette Midler At Strand Bookstore NYC 3-8-20

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Photo: Bette Midler – Clams On The Half Shell – 1975

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3 Photos: Bette Midler and Peter Riegert Arriving At Cher's 1978 Birthday Party

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Photo: From A Photoshoot In Cosmo About Sexy Women – Bette Midler

Hits: 50Photo: From A Photoshoot In Cosmo About Sexy Women – Bette Midler

Photo Quote: A Little Quote From Pink About Bette Midler

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Photo: Bette Midler – Diva Las Vegas – 1997

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Slider: This Week’s Facebook Photos

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Photo: Bette Midler at Inlet Seafood Restaurant night before last – 2019

Hits: 48We are now open seven days a week for lunch and dinner,beginning at noon, for…

Photo: Carly Simon, Bette Midler, And Cher

Hits: 21Great photo of Carly Simon, Bette Midler, and Cher sitting at a table in Club…

Photos: Bette Midler At The Oscars

Hits: 1Those of you who don’t have Facebook, will one of you let me know if…

Photo: Bette Midler Gets Married To Martin Von Haselberg

Hits: 102Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg got married on  December 16, 1984 in Las Vegas,…

Photo: Bette Midler & Hubby, Martin Von Haselberg

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Bette Midler & Alana Stewart Step Out For Lunch Yesterday (Video & Photos)

Hits: 4Alana Stewart rocks a leopard print coat as she steps out with Bette Midler for…

Photo: Bette Midler – Look At Me!

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Photo: Bette Midler performing “Beast Of Burden on Solid Goal – 1984

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Photo: Bette Midler – The Divine Miss M – Art

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Photo: Bette Midler is The Divine Miss M

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Photo: Bette Midler In “Freak Show”

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Photo: Bette Midler and Fran Drescher (The Nanny) Backstage at “Hello Dolly”

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Photo: A Very Red Bette Midler

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Photo: Bette Midler with her mean, old director, Don Siegel, for the movie, Jinxed

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Photo: Bette Midler recently in L.A.

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Photo: Bette Midler as The Magic Lady in Divine Madness

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Photo: Lionel Hampton (from ‘Clams’) pays a visit to Bette Midler after one of her ‘Divine Madness’ performances on Broadway – 1979

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