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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sophie Von Haselberg And Her Friend Ariana Venturi Have A Podcast! Check It Out!

Podcast: Having A Night With Sophie & Ari (And You Can Listen To Them Here!)

Podcast: Having A Night with Sophie Von Haselberg and Ariana Venturi

You know that thing when you’re invited to a dinner party at your friend’s house? And maybe you had a really stressful day and you don’t want to go at all. Plus your favorite show just premiered a new season and you have a credit in your Seamless account due to a dumpling situation gone awry. But once you get there, something inexplicably magical happens: you have the best time ever. Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the booze, maybe it’s the company, but there is definitely an element of je nais sais quoi that makes getting-off-your-couch-mid-TV-binge totally worth it. (Hint: it was at least partly the food.) It’s the kind of party that makes you waltz into work the next day and announce loudly to your coworkers: “Well, I just had A NIGHT.” ...  Read More

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Audio Of GMA With Barbara Walters And A Cast Of 1000’s (Bette’s Second)

Mister D: Wendy Poo found the audio for this…so thank her. I’m sick of thank you’s 🙂 Barbarian/ Bette/McDreamy Audio Love, Mister D
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tid-Bettes Updates: Oy

Thanks to all who wrote in about Bette being on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday (check your local listings). She’ll be interviewed by another Queen, Cojo (congrats on your good health comeback)- they’ll talk about plastic surgery and how this new show is probably her dirtiest show yet! Toni Basil will be the guest of “The Strip Podcast Blog”….and if I’m not mistaken, it is LIVE this Tuesday night…or by the time you read this…TONIGHT! Here is the link – don’t be afraid to participate – I’ve met Ms. Basil (she’s hard only on her dancers) a couple of times and she’s a real sweetheart…: Click Here I am really behind on emails and will try to catch up starting tomorrow. All emails will be answered except for any mean ones!!!! 🙂 Love, Mister D ‘
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taking A Little Coffee Break

Hey ladies and germs: Just to let you know…I’ll be taking a couple of days off to catch up on some personal things…like my real life! LOL I’ll keep allowing comments to come in and if I find out any big news, well of course I will post that. This has been fun…I love seeing the interaction on the boards. So thanks to all who are participating…and for others, don’t be afraid to chime in. I’ll be back in a flash, hopefully with new music up, the theme being…what else, VD or Valentine’s Day, but maybe I’ll throw in a few zappers to take the edge off the sugariness of it all. And a new poll…I know they’re not the rage, but I like them. I’m trying to gear up to do a video cast, vlog, vid-cast, and whatever else they might be called. Of course it would start out very simple…maybe send me a topic, email, etc….and I’ll answer or riff on it for whatever amount of time necessary. Eventually I’d like to incorporate music, interviews, and the like. I’d like feedback on this if you don’t mind. You can make comments here or email me at: Thank you so much and see you a little bit later…. Love, Mister D
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tid-Bettes: Oprah Hopah…Mister D & Guest…VideoCasting

Mister D: * I just wanted to let you know I had a reader write in today and he said that Oprah’s producer’s contacted him for the first time TODAY. So some of you worrying about that second or third call, this is good news. Supposedly they have a lot of *calls to make he said. So don’t give up and give yourself a little pat on the back that you even got called…anywho, I just thought ya’ll might like to know. So good luck. * On my own site I’m having a little fun with the Golden Globes with friends and family…and a few guest stars that will be sharing their picks for the best of the best…so far Mister Vilanch and Ms. Elinor Lipman (author of “Then She Found Me”) have sent in their choices which I’ll publish on Sunday. I’ll be working on getting some others, too. Who wouldn’t want to hear from my Mama D and Papa D and my brother Woody’s choices…and hopefully some other surprises. Most of all I’d love for ya’ll to come over and make your choices. It’s easy to do even if you haven’t seen half the movies or TV shows…just pick your favorites or what you’ve heard of the most. Of course, this is really for those people who love movies and TV. Just go to and copy/paste the nominations I have up, make your choices, and then post in the comment box. Unfortunately, they are not airing the Globes due to the writer’s strike, but they will be announcing the winners at a press conference within a day. Have your posts up by Sunday afternoon. I was thinking about giving out a small prize for the person who gets the most nominations right in the major categories: which would be the shows (Globes take into account movies and TV) best actors/actresses, supporting actors/actresses, best writers categories and directors. I can’t promise a prize (tight money and of course this little game is international…so we’ll see. This is mainly for fun. Here’s the direct link to the nominations…I should have the trailers finished by tomorrow which might help…as you can tell this is pretty last minute, but so what. For the direct link: Click Here * I will be starting a videocast in a couple of weeks…this could be a real disaster I know, but I’m going to take the risk. A lot will depend on you. I’ll need questions from you…good, bad, ugly..I will try to answer what I can. Let me know whether you want your first name used or remain anonymous. I may start out the show with a live piano/vocal performance and then take reader’s questions. For future episodes, Ms. Lipman will be answering questions via telephone close to the opening of “Then She Found Me,” and

Bruce Vilanch may be on phone close to the opening of his next movie “Tru Loved.” ...  Read More

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

FeedBack Needed If You Have Time…

Mister D: Hey guys and dolls: I’m feeling a little under the weather and it doesn’t look like I’m going to accomplish what a wanted to today, so I thought I’d tell you one thing and ask a couple of things. The questions I may put up in a poll, because I know some people don’t like making comments: 1. We are up to nine people who have been contacted with a couple who have been contacted again. One of those contestants is Jack (thank you). He said (you can look for his exact words in the first Oprah post you come across (2 posts down???) that they are still doing research for the show and they aren’t giving out info because they want to keep that element of surprise….that’s what I remember, but of course, my memories are in the crevices of my mind…not even corners, so I could have interpreted what Jack said completely wrong. (sorry Jack!) 2. Has anybody received any updates from Bette’s official site? This latest contest is on the site and it seems like we should have gotten something, unless for some odd reason I’m blacklisted, but I’m way too charming for that to happen. 3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to lauch a weekly or bi-weekly video cast starting within a week or two. I want to start out really simple…maybe answering BLB reader mail and answering questions on-line. Of course, it won’t be live, but if it becomes successful and fun I may go that route…maybe do interviews, music, etc. But for now simplicity is the key word… so does anybody have any thoughts on this? Would you like this? If you have ideas you’d like me to consider, let me know, too, and maybe I can work on that when I feel more comfortable in front of a camera….. If so, you can email me using the Contact Link on the sidebar with your questions starting now (I may start up a different email account for this, but I’ll let you know when that changes….just make sure you have the subject line or in the body that this is for the Vidcast…also let me know if I can say your first name or keep anonymous. You can write me even if you depsise what I do and I will keep you anonymous if that’s what you want… I guess that’s it. For those that have been providing input to me by email, phone, or the comments section…I have thoroughly enjoyed it and glad you are participating…. Over and out for today…. Love, Mister D
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Listen Or DownLoad “The Strip” Podcast with Bette Midler

Here’s a link to the audio of “The Strip’s” in interview with Bette from Wednesday night. It turns out it had never been aired, but was, for lack of better words, “pre-recorde” which really through me off. But why make mountains out of molehills, right? If you’d like to listen to Part One of the interview or download it: Click Here Love, Mister D
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Updates: 12-26-7

Live Chat Tonight With Bette 7:00 PT/10:00 ET Podcast will air Thursday night for the rest of us... A New Bette CD??? Official Bette Store??? Celine's Gone, Where's Bette?

Love, Mister D

PS: Some rare Bette finds on You Tube put up by some Divine BetteHeads!

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