Chicago Blues

Chicago Blues
(Lonnie Johnson)

Yeah, Chicago’s alright to visit, yeah
Well, but please don’t hang around
You’ll find smooth chicks, high slit
Boy, all mellow fellows hangin’ ’round
Yeah [Incomprehensible]

Yeah, when your bankroll’s gone, baby
Yeah, you’re just another chump who dropped in town
Yeah, my first night in Chicago
Oh, my friends really treated me fine

Yeah, then overnight long
Yeah, they changed it like daylight savin’ time
Yeah, and everythin’ I wanted
Yeah, I had to lay my money right down on the line
Right down on the line

I said, “Darlin’, you’re so lovely
Oh, your eyes shine like the stars above
You wear number three shoes
Yeah, you wear number five gloves”

She said, “It’s money I want, baby”
Yeah, I said, “I don’t need love”

Oh, I could make you love me, darlin’
Little girl, I do know I could, yeah
You can now learn to love me, baby
Love me, I do know you could

She said, “Now, put your money down
Yeah, why don’t you make your bettin’ good?”
Yeah, make it good

I said, “I’ll take you to New York town, little girl
Will buy you anythin’ you like, girl
I’ll give you plenty money darlin’
Yeah, I’ll buy you a Cadillac”

She said,” I’m sorry, baby
Yeah, this fine round body
Be here when you get back
Yeah, when you get back

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