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  1. Don Bradshaw do you know the official reason the two Tom Waits songs were deleted on VHS and DVD versions? I remember years after its video release it finally aired on HBO in their new “late night only” category and it was listed in the HBO guide as “BETTE MIDLER: DIVINE MADNESS.” HBO has never aired an edited theatrical release as policy and sure enough the complete full film aired with nothing cut out…this was before letterbox but I was so happy it was complete and uncut. Thoughts?

    1. I answered this on another page and all I remember hearing is that his copyright prices were too high and I really don’t know how all those work.

  2. Dear Mister D,
    Thank you very much for creating this wonderful site.I am enjoying it everyday and I really appreciate it.I am a big fan of Ms. Midler.
    My fan letter to her has been returned to me in Japan.
    I sent it to the address you posted .Could you please let me know her present mail address if available.
    Thank you.

    1. I think so too. Sorry I’ve been away. I have a post im putting up tomorrow. Felt ya’ll deserved to know whats been going on. Then ill try to get back to consistency.

  3. Thanks for putting up the Ahmet Ertegun tribute.

    Do you know anything about the progress of Fabulous Four Movie. There was a paper in Atlanta that said filming would start in September but I’ve seen no updates on IMDB and haven’t heard anything-



    1. NO, i haven;t seen any updates and IMDB is a great site for many reasons except for dates and other things, Right now she is gearing up to do a lot of press for hocus pocus 2 which will be brutal;I an do looking forward to the Fabulous Four, but that; what I hate about Hollywood. They’ll announce something that may not even be true just to gains some tract=ion on a star, but I asked about the Allergist Wife with Sharon Stone and nobody is Bette’s circle have ever been contacted. I’m worried about the First Wives Club reunion cause it seems to be stuck in script mode. And i remember all throughout the 80s- 90a Bette being attached to slew of movies hardly any of them coming to fruition. Some were so silly in retorspect, I just could;t in=magine bow these movies whoud turn out like Driving Miss Daisy with Bette and Eddie Murphy and a seni-serious movie studying how Jason frin Friday 13th became what he was, Bette was to play the mother nad they had a few other well known actors to play in the early years…lol

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