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  1. Don Bradshaw do you know the official reason the two Tom Waits songs were deleted on VHS and DVD versions? I remember years after its video release it finally aired on HBO in their new “late night only” category and it was listed in the HBO guide as “BETTE MIDLER: DIVINE MADNESS.” HBO has never aired an edited theatrical release as policy and sure enough the complete full film aired with nothing cut out…this was before letterbox but I was so happy it was complete and uncut. Thoughts?

    1. I answered this on another page and all I remember hearing is that his copyright prices were too high and I really don’t know how all those work.

  2. Dear Mister D,
    Thank you very much for creating this wonderful site.I am enjoying it everyday and I really appreciate it.I am a big fan of Ms. Midler.
    My fan letter to her has been returned to me in Japan.
    I sent it to the address you posted .Could you please let me know her present mail address if available.
    Thank you.

    1. I think so too. Sorry I’ve been away. I have a post im putting up tomorrow. Felt ya’ll deserved to know whats been going on. Then ill try to get back to consistency.

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