Hot Voodoo

Hot Voodoo
(Ralph Rainger, Sam Coslow)

Did you ever happen to hear of voodoo
Hear it and you won’t give a damn what you do
Tom-tom’s put me under a sort of voodoo
And the whole night long I don’t know the right from wrong

Hot voodoo, black as mud
Hot voodoo, in my blood
That African tempo, has made a slave
Hot voodoo, dance of sin
Hot voodoo, worse than gin

I’d follow a cave man, right into his cave
That beat gives me a wicked sensation
My conscious wants to take a vacation
Got voodoo, head to toes
Hot voodoo, burn my clothes
I want to start dancing, just wearing a smile

Hot voodoo, I’m aflame
I’m really not to blame
That African tempo, is meaner than mean
Hot voodoo, make me brave
I want to misbehave

I’m beginning to feel like, an African queen
Those drums bring up the heaven inside me
I need some great big angel to guide me
Hot voodoo, makes me wild
Oh fireman, save this child
I going to blazes
I want to be bad

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