My Cousin In Milwaukee

My Cousin In Milwaukee
(Ira Gershwin, George Gershwin)

Once I visited my cousin
In Milwaukee, USA
She had boyfriends by the dozen
Because she sang in a lowdown way
She was a positive sensation
The songs that she sang would never miss
My cousin was my inspiration
And that’s how I got like this

I got a cousin in Milwaukee
She’s got a voice so squawky
And though she’s tall and kind of gawky
Oh, how she gets the men
Her singing isn’t operatic, no, no, no
Its got a lot of static
What makes your heart get acrobatic
Nine times out of ten

When she sings hot
You can’t be solemn
It sends the shivers
Up and down your spinal column
When she sings blue
The men shout, what stuff
That baby, that baby is hot stuff

So if you like the way I sing songs
If you think that I’m a wow
You can thank my squawky cousin from Milwaukee
Because she taught me how

You can thank my squawky cousin from Milwaukee
‘Cause she taught me how
She taught me how

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