Polls: Ya Know You Love ‘Em

  • I’ve put up new polls in the Place Your Bette’s section. Still not satisfied with the free polls set up, so please be patient as I search for more or break down and pay for a good poll app.

    Anywho…for the new polls: Click Here

  • Also, after her January dates, Bette will not be playing again probably until April. So don’t make plans in between January and April. 2009 dates are being worked on now…
  • Bette joins other celebrities in bringing awareness to Love Our Children USA To STOMP Out Bullying. Too bad they weren’t around when I was in that horrid Bette Midler Yahoo Group (the ex-official one with one dusty old moderator left). Sorry, I was having flashbacks. Click Here

  • What did Chicago’s Windy City Times have to say about Bette’s new CD?

    To celebrate her show’s sizzling run in Sin City, Bette Midler is issuing another hits retrospective, Jackpot: The Best Bette. Of course, the power ballad staples “The Rose,” “From a Distance” and her take on “Wind beneath My Wings” are present. But material from Midler’s 2005 tribute to Peggy Lee, as well as “To Deserve You” and more from the soundtrack to For the Boys, are sorely missing on this 19-song collection. Midler has such a vast catalog that spans decades, so including everything is impossible. But through divine intervention, the demo to “Something Your Heart Is Telling Me” is pulled from the vaults for this winning bet of a set.

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