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In Harmony (1980)

1980: Grammy: Best Recording for Children, In Harmony/A Sesame Street Record; performed song "Blueberry Pie" on the album, which also featured The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Al Jarreau, Linda Ronstadt, George Benson and others

Bootleg Betty, Mister D

This is a great children's record and also enjoyable for adults. Bette contributes, Blueberry Pie, co-written with Carole Bayer Sager and Bruce Roberts. It is a catchy, sing-a-long with help from Dr. John on piano and Wendy Waldman (co-writer of Oh Industry), Bruce Roberts, and Lucy Simon (Carly's sister) on background vocals.

Shawn M. Haney, All Music Guide

A charming record that is sure to strike an amiable chord among children's audiences and all ages. Sesame Street released "In Harmony" as an effort to bring together an all-star cast of talented musicians known for their commercial appeal during the late '70s. The album opens up with a beautifully spun and delightfully crafted poem/song, "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," words by Eugene Field with melody by Lucy Simon. Sailing off to a sea of dew one starry night are the fisherman three, fishing for the herrin' fish, "nets of silver and gold have we," sing the Doobie Brothers. Catchy and sincerely ethereal, the tune is worth a listen time and time again. Cornelius Bumpus adds extra sugar to the tune with radiant flute and saxophone leads. Singer/songwriting sensation James Taylor puts a charge into the chorus of a "Jelly Man Kelly," a man who makes a feast of anything jelly. Taylor also adds dazzling guitar work to Carly Simon's pleasant vocals in "Be With Me."

Star soloist Bette Midler combines her talents with Bruce Roberts and Carole Bayer Sager to create the sassy "Blueberry Pie." Sesame Street creators Frank Oz and Jim Henson touch on the issue of sharing with Ernie and Cookie Monster. Songs by Al Jarreau, Linda Ronstadt, and Libby Titus are also featured, with an entire plethora of singers and crafty backing musicians. This record is pure project-oriented in the highest sense of the word. A symbol of craftiness and musical charm, the musicians and featured singers seemed to not shy away from bringing out their innermost talents to grant young listeners a treat. The families of James Taylor and Carly Simon graciously put much effort into "In Harmony," and the whole cast finishes the record with simplicity and exuberance in the tune "In Harmony." Blending a rich tapestry of lushly recorded, beautifully textured vocals, the singers continue to sing "In Harmony" over and over until the record fades out. Perhaps this was a record created and intended for kids, but it also touches on subject matters of greater depth that parents can certainlyrelate to, such as peace, hope, love, sharing, and harmony.