Sydney, AU
Sydney Superdome
April 15, 2005

Divine Perfection
by Shelly

Of the eight KMBs I have had the privilege of seeing over the past two years, the April 15th Sydney Superdome show was the nearest to perfection.

Bette's voice sounded beautiful as did the Harlettes Bette's, the Harlettes' and the band's energy level was very high Bette performed the jokes flawlessly and cast performed all the songs on the songlist including "Keep On Rockin'" which is cut sometimes if Bette is tired or these aren't going right. I didn't notice any technical difficulties like with other performances.

The April 15th Sydney audience appeared more sedate than other Bette concert audiences especially during songs like "Keep On Rockin'" and "When a Man Loves a Woman".

But this 12,500 sellout crowd was the best audience I ever heard sing "The Rose". It was great to hear such a chorus sing this meaningful song.