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Beaches (1988)

US: Triple Platinum
Billboard peak: # 2

Tracks: "Under The Boardwalk" - "Wind Beneath My Wings" - "I've Still Got My Health" -
"I Think It's Going To Rain Today" - "Otto Titsling" - "I Know You By Heart" -
"The Glory Of Love" - "Baby Mine" - "Oh Industry" - "The Friendship Theme"

People Magazine, Scott Haller

It's the powerful ballads that really proved Midler doesn't have to be coddling a dying friend on screen to move an audience. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' (previously recorded by such people as Sheena Easton, Willie Nelson, and Perry Como) articulates the movie's theme of enduring friend ship, and Midler's heartfelt delivery conveys the message a lot more succinctly and satisfyingly than the film. As a movie, Beaches isn't exactly divine. As a soundtrack, it rates an M for marvelous.