New York, NY
Radio City Music Hall
October 17, 2004

KMB II Review
The Divine Miss P
Sunday, October 17, 2004

Photo: BaltoBoy Steve Weiner

Sunday was bittersweet pour moi because it was last show in the city and venue that really suit this show best. The audience was filled with John Kerry supporters and apparently Rod Stewart, though I didn't see him personally. I am pretty sure I saw Dan Akroyd also. The crowd was so-so in the beginning. Bette said she couldn't hear us applauding for the Brass of Kiss My Brass and called the audience "chairs dressed like people". She also "fell asleep" for a moment before "Skylark" and told us she had narcolepsy- it was very funny.

The audience woke up from their narcolepsy(I couldn't resist) before long and turned into a great crowd. Once again "When a Man..." was particularly fantastic and made me all weepy. No other surprises until introducing Bette Sussman at the end. Miss M remarked how Bette S. had her name, her hair, her everything and that someone had actually mistaken Bette S. for Miss M the other day. Bette Sussman said, "Yeah, but I don't have your money!" And Bette said, "No, and you never will!" She explained to us how she made her money- with "Pretty Legs and Great Big Knockers", of course! That was a really fun surprise! The band and Harlettes chimed in for a verse or two.

Before "The Rose", someone shouted out for her to sing "Keep On Rockin'" and she said that she wasn't singing that- she was too tired! Let's keep our fingers crossed that she has a sudden surge of 2nd act energy for the rest of the tour and that song comes back. We all sang "The Rose" together, which never stops giving me chills, and then the show ended, sans encore. I had suspected there wouldn't be one due to those lucky and rich Democrats she had dessert with afterwards...

Other additions to the show I had not previously mentioned:

-during the opening, she talks about how the Harlettes want equal pay and health care. She asks them who they think they are, Susan B. Anthony? If they're not careful, their votes won't be counted. Note to self: call Jeb Bush!

-During at least two of the shows at Radio City, I noticed that Bette actually took a drag from the cigarette she lights as Delores. I found it to be pretty humorous.

-Before "Skylark", while talking about birds, she says she thought the only hawks were in the White House!

-During "And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going", the girls back up Bette with some new vocals.

-The part of the Judge Judy video where Gary Coleman says, "She had a show?" was cut out.

-And last, but not least, Miss M seems to be sporting some new bling-bling on her left hand. Looked like ruby or pink tourmaline...Hmmm.