Chicago, IL
United Center
November 06, 2004

Big Noise Just Blew in from... The Toast of Chicago!!!!
by The Ever-Lovely Divine Lisa

Photo: BaltoBoy Steve Weiner

When I awoke yesterday morning, it was just a normal Saturday. I got up, got dressed (which was kind of abnormal b/c I usually like to stay in my PJs for a while) and waited for a friend to pick up some jewelry she ordered from me. I decided to bop into the Bette clubs to see what was happening... while listening to Live at Last (in hindsight, quite a wild choice! hehe). ANYWAY, I don't pop onto the "official" site as much as I do the new site, but I had put the word out about my DIVINE bracelets and wanted to see if anyone had posted their interest in one instead of emailing me. When I started looking around, I saw a post by "Tom" who wanted to give away an extra Chicago ticket. I had been watching that date approach on the calendar with great sadness, knowing that I would not be attending. I live in IL, but approx. 5-6 hours south of Chicago, depending on speed! :) So, I looked at the calendar, had only one thing planned for the weekend (which was rearrangeable!), was feeling like a crazy risk-taker in need of some spontenaity and some BETTE and I emailed the guy who had posted. I then began to think everything through very well... looked into cheap but reputable hotels, mapquest directions, etc. Within a couple of hours he had emailed me back, we had talked on the phone, and I was on my way to Chicago!!!!! :)

OMG, People! This ranks up there with the craziest things I have ever done. My ENTIRE FAMILY thinks I have LOST MY MARBLES!!! Just driving to and in Chicago is a big risk in the eyes of most who live here. BUT I JUST DIDN"T and DON'T CARE! I knew it was DIVINE intervention, lol, that it was the right thing at the right time, the stars aligned for a reason (no homework, little planning for school to do, no big plans, just enough cash in my pocket, etc.), and that I was gonna make this happen or regret it FOREVAH. So, I packed up in 30 minutes and off I went--EXCITEDLY SCREAMING and SINGING (Can I boogy? Can I boogy?) aaaallllll the way to Chicago. I had NO problems driving, had NO problems finding the place, it was perfect!!! Meant to be!

At this point, I just want you all to know that Mr. Tom is my new ANGEL! He hooked me up with a seat for KMB in that was just fabulous!!! He asked for nothing and was such a dear person with whom to spend the evening! Things like this renew your faith in the human race! I am SO grateful!!!! Betteheads, I have always known and have just had it verified yet again, are the best group of human beings on the face of our planet! I LOVE YOU ALL!

And you ask... HOW WAS THE SHOW??? OF COURSE you already know the answer, kids!!! :) May I say that Bette was in TIP-TOP form. OMG! Her voice was TRULY like BUTTAH!!! It just floated over, rested on you, and proceded to melt, covering you in a warm sensation from the inside-out! I do not know any other way to describe it. lol. I figured out this was my 11th time seeing her in concert... and sitting there it felt like the first time ever, yet like I had finally come home. I think perhaps because of losing my dad this summer it was especially touching. This was the first time I had had the opportunity to share a space with her since that horrible event in my life. I was engrossed and captivated and I laughed, felt like a proud mother, BAWLED MY EVER-LOVIN' eyes out, the ENTIRE gambit!!!! She LOVED Chicago... the energy of the crowd was fun, warm, inviting, and IN LOVE WITH HER! She really played off of it, of course. She was bawdy, tender, thought-provoking, hilarious, concerned, and down-right ADORABLE! My fave comment of the night? "Oooooh, Chicago... it is SO GREAT to be in a BLUE STATE!" The rafters almost came off of the place with that one! :) I felt so proud of our blue!!! My favorite moment of the night? WBMW. Now, I am a TRUE Die-hard Bettehead... WBMW is not one we often admit as a fave. C'mon, we know the entire catalog, there are so many more interesting choices. Well, yes, but WBMW was the song that I listened to over and over and over again the summer I fell in love with our Bette! It is a summer I remember being in the car with my dad and he would let me play my Beaches soundtrack over and over again to my heart's content. Now, after losing him, the words in that song JUST KILL ME! He truly did hang out in my shadow so that I could find personal glory. He was SO PROUD of me... and I feel like I took him for granted (we all take our parents for granted, don't we?) and now I would just like to have one second back to tell him how very much he meant to me. Oy, I love and appreciate every little thing about my sweet, kind, understated, unselfish daddy SO MUCH! I always have and just never outright told him so, although I know he knew. I believe he heard me finally feel and say those words through Bette's voice and my tears of longing for him last night! ;) I sat and BOO HOOED through that song. as did the lady next to me. At one point she sweetly reached in her purse and gave me a napkin, plus took one out for herself. We both sat and criiiiieeed... tears ROLLING DOWN my cheeks!!! ;) It was a sweet moment. After, I felt soooo cleansed! Nobody else but Bette (la la la la laaaaaa!) can do that for me, ya know???

So, now I am home... coming down off of the high of last night. What an unparalleled and unexpected gift and blessing! It seems a bit like a dream... but I have my one little camera phone picture of the empty intermission stage to prove that is was very real! :) My fellow teachers are going to FALL OUT tomorrow morning when I tell them about my temporary BETTE-induced insanity! :) YIPPEE! To be alive!

Tom, you are one of my angels! THANK YOU for your generosity! You'll never know just how much that night means to me!!!!

Bette... thank you SINCERELY from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART! You helped me heal a lot more last night. How you do it, I'll never know. I just thank god that you are able to speak so loudly to my heart! I am consistently aware of my good fortune to be sharing space and time with you on this planet! I'd like to say a word of thanks to GOD (Mother Nature, the creator, the DIVINE, Allah, Mohammed, Buddah, whomever, hehehe) for sharing you with us all! Oy, honey, you are just the BEST!!!! There are no sufficient words. Love ya much!

Much love and positive energy to you all!


Bette Blows Into The Windy City
by The More Than Divine Michael

Photo: BaltoBoy Steve Weiner

I saw the show in Chicago Saturday night, it was phenominal. Bette commented that she was happy to be in Illinois...a blue state, she also mentioned that she was happy the F ing election was over. Bette also made some comments about Ashley Simpson's lypsynching.

The show was basically the same as it has been, towards the end of the show during Do You Want to Dance the audience started standing up & she was done with the song but she returned to the stage & sang the last verse a second time. After she finished Wind Beneath My Wings the audience kept applauding again & she returned to the stage & sang the chorus again. Bette then said she loved playing with Chicago because the crowds were always good & she loves the beautiful city of Chicago & she does not get to play there enough.

I was very happy to be there and will be seeing the show again this Monday in Moline