Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand Garden Arena
November 26, 2004

Las Vegas KMB Review
by Your's Truly: Candace

Photo: BaltoBoy Steve Weiner

Last year I went to the Kiss My Brass Tour with Miss Jane which was phenomenal! The best experience in my life, and I will never forget it!!

Tonight, I got to experience the same, without Miss Jane's presence but felt her sitting beside me dancing in her chair like last time! This time, KMB in Vegas, I took my dear sister! She is a fan of Bette Midler, she has to be with my playin' my music all the time and watching movies over and over and over again. My sister enjoys her just like I do!

We started this miraculous evening with dinner at a fancy restaurant at Caesar's. Enjoyed ourselves but we were so antsy we couldn't stay a minute longer. We walked to the MGM and through to the Grande Garden Arena. Let me tell you, that is one heck of a walk...stretched on for days and days. We knew we were almost there when we saw the stands of programs lined up for miles. We got there 45 minutes early which was even more insane. So, we went and bought some shirts, key chains, and stickers!!! Can't get enough! I couldn't wait to share this FABU experience with my sister.

The time went by and the lights dimmed...the Harlettes entered and the fun had arrived. Everything was magnificent...I was floating on a cloud throughout the whole show, and I still am, where is the floor?! It's the same show, but quicker and more fast paced. The slow parts were a break for Bette as well as I sitting on the edge of our seats, laughing, singing and just enjoying the heck out of ourselves. It was fun, more energetic and just a flashy extravaganza! I won't spoil it for you cause you know what happened and those that don't, enjoy it for yourselves!!

There is just something in the Divine one that is so...Divine. I think with her aging...even though she says she can't wait to hit 40, I think there is a distinct divine aura that comes from her...she takes my breath away. A sense of beauty, that just flows from her and her's amazing! Our seats were great...I was soooo happy to share the experience with my sister. She was laughing her head off and dancing in her seat! We both sang the Rose for Bette...and Bette cracked us up cause the crowd stinks at singing....I don't think a lot of people knew the words, but her and I were singing fools! Just wanted to share my experience....and hope there is more to come!