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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Beastie Boys Audiobook Is Out With A Stellar Guest List To Tell Their Story, Including Bette Midler

Beastie Boys Audiobook
The Beastie Boys

Mister D: For 15 years I managed record stores, and during that time the Beastie Boys were huge. I wasn’t very much into rap ever, but my employees were and one thing you could guarantee…on any given day The Beastie Boys and Bette Midler would be playing. They were a group that got better and better with each new album and making end of the year Best Music lists. Somehow, I can’t see many of you listening to their records nor Bette Midler telling their story, but you’re missing out. I was really ecstatic that Bette was participating in this. I need to contact some of my old employees. They’d get a kick out of this. Read More

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