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Friday, June 1, 2018

Read On Bootleg Betty: A View From A Broad By Bette Midler

Bette Midler, Book, A View From A Broad Bette Midler, also known as Divine Miss M—the indomitable and incomparable singer, actor, and musical theater extraordinaire, with a career spanning almost half a century—revisits her classic memoir, now with a new introduction. With her brassy voice and bold performances making the world finally pay attention, she needs no introduction. Grammy award–winning singer, Academy Award–nominee, Broadway star of her critically acclaimed one-woman show and beloved actress in The Rose, Beaches and Down and Out in Beverly Hills—Bette Midler is a household name whose career and fans span generations. In A View from a Broad, originally published in 1980, Bette relives her career through memories of endless rehearsals, her fear of flying, crazy schedules and wisdom she learned from Thai Gondoliers, with the trademark razor-blade wit that her fans have grown to know, love and expect. Filled with photographs, a new introduction and heartwarming stories that highlight only a portion of a brilliant career, A View from a Broad is the perfect gift for anyone who loves music, theater or just plain fun—and will be cherished by the fans of Divine Miss M for years to come.
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Friday, May 25, 2018

LISTS 10 Best Bette Midler Movies and TV Shows

The Cinemaholic LISTS: 10 Best Bette Midler Movies and TV Shows By Team Cinemaholic 6 May 21, 2018   bette midler, wet Bette Midler is an American songwriter, singer, comedian, film producer and actress. Following a career that revolved around several Off-Off-Broadway shows, she rose to prominence as a singer and has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Bette Midler boasts of a career that spans half a century and has won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards and two Tony Awards. Here’s the list of top Bette Midler movies.  

10. Outrageous Fortune (1987)

Outrageous Fortune is about a man with two women in his life who disappears and they go out looking for him. Directed by Arthur Hiller, it also stars Shelley Long and Robert Prosky.  

9. Down and out in Beverly Hills (1986)

Down and Out in Beverly Hills is about a homeless man who tries to drown himself in the pool of a rich couple who save him and welcome him in their house. The film is directed by Paul Mazursky and also Nick Nolte and Little Richard.

8. For the Boys (1991)

A US entertainer, with the help of a singer and dancer, tours to entertain the soldiers during World War II. For the Boys is directed by Mark Rydell and also casts James Caan and George Segal.   7. The First Wives Club (1996) Reunited due to the death of a friend, three women decide to revenge their husbands who dumped them for younger women. Directed by Hugh Wilson, The First Wives Club also stars Goldie Hawn and Maggie Smith.  

6. Big Business (1988)

Two sets of twins are born in a hospital on the same night to two different families and get mixed up due to a drunk nurse. Big Business is directed by Jim Abrahams and also stars Lily Tomlin and Fred Ward.  

5. The Thorn (1971)

The Thorn is a religious comic satire. It is directed by Peter McWilliams and also stars John Bassberger and John Greenberg.  

4. Beaches (1998)

The strong friendship between two people coming from very different backgrounds. Beaches is directed by Garry Marshall and also stars Barbara Hershey and John Heard.  

3. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat try to put an end to the terror of three witches, who have resurrected after 300 years. Hocus Pocus is directed by Kenny Ortega and also stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.

2. Ruthless People (1986)

A businessman cheats and a couple and the couple takes the revenge by kidnappinghis wife, but they don’t know that he is happy they did so. Also starring Danny DeVito and Judge Reinhold, Ruthless People is directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker.

1. The Rose (1979)

A female rock star, whose manager is ruthless and pressurizes her constantly, destructs her life with drugs and alcohol. Directed by Mark Rydell, The Rose also stars Alan Bates and Frederic Forrest.
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Monday, May 21, 2018

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik on First Making Waves in 1988’s ‘Beaches’

Variety ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik on First Making Waves in 1988’s ‘Beaches’ By Debra Birnbaum MAY 11, 2018 mayim bialik, Beaches, BETTE MIDLER Like the character she plays on “The Big Bang Theory,” Mayim Bialik is a neuroscientist — she earned her Ph.D. from UCLA in 2007. Though as Amy Farrah Fowler she’s won the hearts of millions of fans, not to mention Sheldon Cooper, her fiancé on the hit CBS sitcom, acting wasn’t the career she always intended for herself. She stumbled onto the industry in 1988, when she was cast as the 11-year-old version of Bette Midler’s C.C. Bloom in the movie “Beaches.” Her no-holds-barred performance drew raves, including in Variety, where she was called “extraordinary.” The reviewer wrote, “She can sing, she can dance, and she seems amazingly like the carrot-topped star as she brazenly bulldozes her way through a musical routine and most real-life situations.” Although she was “pretty new” in the industry, Bialik was savvy enough to recognize what that rave meant. “It was a very big deal for me to be talked about,” she says. “At the time, and it’s still true now, the trades are kind of it.” What did the review mean to you? I was not raised in this industry, so I didn’t have this notion of “I’m going to be a big star.” I literally went from school plays to “Gee, I think it will be really fun to be an actress on TV.” So, even though my parents raised me to not listen to reviews because if you listen to the good ones, you also have to listen to the bad ones, I knew that the kind of attention was very unusual. It’s not an experience you’re used to having, especially when you’re new to the industry. It was a challenging role. Did you have any apprehensions? Or were you confident? It’s funny, I didn’t think of it as challenging or not because I just was doing what I naturally thought to do as a person getting a script. I was a kid with very little knowledge of the industry. I knew who Bette Midler was, I knew who [director] Garry Marshall was, but I didn’t have this feeling of, “This is going to be my big breakout moment.” I just read the lines, followed my natural accent. That’s how I talked! For me as an untrained, inexperienced grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe, I didn’t understand the impact of it at all. I just said the lines as if it were a school play. Was there a moment where it actually sank in? The premiere of “Beaches” was the week of my bat mitzvah. It was very emotional. Seeing myself on the big screen was very overwhelming and I remember crying a lot after. They were tears of overwhelming excitement and confusion about my place in a world. Honestly, I had been gearing toward my place in the Jewish world. The attention that I got was sort of an awakening for me. But it’s still very bizarre to me, even now at 42. This is not the life that my grandparents ever anticipated when they fled Eastern Europe. Was that the moment you knew you wanted to be an actor? No. In fact, I left the industry at 19 for 12 years and not only pursued neuroscience but had two children who I was the primary caregiver for. I’ve had a very, very unusual life. A day does not going by when I’m not amazed at the marvels of the universe in general, and my situation in particular is very, very unusual. I credit all of the people — particularly the women around me in this business — who have supported me being myself as an actor and as a person. So as grateful as I am to be acting again, I know that my life could have had a lot of different things, and we all make choices. Women in particular have a lot of choices to make, especially if they want to be a mom. Do you think walking away from the industry helped you avoid the child actor curse? I come from a very strict immigrant family, and my parents were very strict with me. I hate to say that if you’re strict with your kids, that’s the answer. Or that the people who have fallen prey to some of the evils of our industry didn’t have parents strict enough. I just know that for me, for my mental health and my mental sanity, I did need to leave and be appreciated for what was inside my brain and that’s given me a lot of prospective. What made you decide to come back into acting? Well, the true unglamorous story is that I was running out of health insurance as a graduate student. You only get a certain number of years, and I had never acted as an adult. I had a toddler and a baby. I figured if I could just get a job here or there to get basic SAG insurance that I would have a chance for my kids. I started auditioning for roles where it was just “Girl No. 2” or the sassy secretary. I had never heard of “Big Bang Theory” when I was asked to audition. I was very fortunate to be in this position, but I do acknowledge that it’s an unusual story.

What did you learn from being in “Beaches”? ...  Read More

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Bette Midler – Beaches #BetteMidler #Beaches

Bette Midler – Beaches #BetteMidler #Beaches

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Video: “Bitches” A “Beaches” Parody – And I Do Love A Good Parody. This Is Hilarious! Don

Bitches – Courtney Act & Trevor Ashley Beaches Parody

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Monday, April 23, 2018

‘Beaches’ author heats things up with two Broadway-aimed musicals

APP ‘Beaches’ author heats things up with two Broadway-aimed musicals Ilana Keller, @ilanakeller Published 5:29 a.m. ET April 13, 2018 They say what’s old is new again, but in this case, it’s also retooled, reimagined and racing with eyes toward Broadway — times two. Iris Rainer Dart, author of “Beaches,” is hoping to bring a theatrical version of the novel to Broadway. She also has a Tony Award-nominated production, 2011’s “The People in the Picture,” now making its West Coast premiere in hopes of returning to the Great White Way. “The People in the Picture,” which starred Donna Murphy and netted her a Tony nomination, is a musical that tells the story of life in pre-war Poland and the way the people of Warsaw used arts and humor to combat growing anti-Semitism and the rise of the Nazis. It features music by Mike Stoller and Artie Butler. The story, told by a grandmother who had been one of those artists, to her daughter and granddaughter, also touches on the importance of keeping Yiddish culture alive and learning from the past. It was that theme that sparked Rainer Dart, who spent two summers working at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, to write the musical, when she saw in her own life the potential for the spirit and strength of the Yiddish culture to slip away with her own grandchildren, and these stories of strength disappearing. “(The theater and art were) made at a time when the anti-Semitism and Nazi threat was all around (the people of Warsaw), and they were basically thumbing their nose at that and saying, ‘this is how we’re reacting to that. We’re bringing our humor and our music and our joyous sensibility to it.’ And that made me cry because the spirit of these people was so strong and I thought this is the group of people that I want to write about, the Warsaw gang.” It also doesn’t hurt when Bette Midler, who starred in the movie version of “Beaches,” calls and urges you to “write me a musical.” “I had to find something that did what she does, which is turn your emotions on a dime,” Rainer Dart said. Why bring it back now? Rainer Dart says the immediacy of having grandchildren to pass the Yiddish legacy to brought it up fresh in her mind. “Just going back to what was important in the story was the reason I wanted to go back and re-tell it,” she said. She also regrets that the show did not have any out-of-town runs pre-Broadway to feel things out, and now is getting that chance, running at 3Below Theater in San Jose, California. The show begins previews this week, with performances running through May 31. Visit 3belowtheaters.com/events/the-people-in-the-picture for more information. She also took inspiration from John Weidman, the book writer of “Assassins,” on timing. “I had been very lucky. I had a wonderful moment as I was leaving New York. I had a conversation with John Weidman, who had seen the show, and I met him when we were on a panel together. He told me that when ‘Assassins’ opened, the critics had really savaged them and that 15 years later, he was on the stage of Radio City accepting a Tony for the best revival of a musical. Sondheim hadn’t changed one note and he hadn’t changed one word from the original and that was the point he was making to me.” If the themes of “The People in the Picture” sound similar to last season’s drama “Indecent,” there’s even more of a connection between the two than you may think. Cosplayers at BroadwayCon 2018, held from Jan. 26 to 28, 2018, at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Ilana Keller/Staff photo Rainer Dart’s daughter, director Rachel Dart, was Rebecca Taichman’s assistant when “Indecent” was off-Broadway, and she brought on board Moishe Rosenfeld as a Yiddish consultant at the behest of her mother, who had met him working on “The People in the Picture.” Rainer Dart, a longtime television writer in addition to author and playwright, says she also has learned to enjoy the flexibility of revision that theater offers. “What I’ve learned is the theater is alive. Unlike a novel, when you put it out there, that’s it. Or a movie. Unless Kevin Spacey is in it, you don’t get to re-make it. I looked at it and I tried to figure out what all of the problems were and I thought, ‘why not do this again?’ ” Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Donna Murphy take part in a panel called “Auditions: The Good, The Bad, The Hilarious” during BroadwayCon 2018, held from Jan. 26 to 28, 2018, at the Javits Center in Manhattan. (Photo: Ilana Keller/Staff photo) The lessons she has learned from “The People in the Picture” also are manifesting in her work on “Beaches” the musical, which is planning a 2019 West End run, with eyes on Broadway. It previously ran at the Signature Theatre in Virginia and at Drury Lane in Chicago and features a book by Rainer Dart and the late Thom Thomas, with lyrics by Dart and music from David Austin. “We have a new director and I’m in New York now working on doing a closed reading, so we can hear what’s too long or doesn’t sing, what works and what doesn’t. We have a group of actors who have been coming in and singing it to us and reading it to us,” she said. More: Broadway’s original Annie takes turn as Miss Hannigan “Beaches” will be more a reflection of her novel rather than the movie version starring Midler and Barbara Hershey or the recent television remake featuring Idina Menzel and Nia Long. “As our producer always says, same characters, different days. People love those characters and love the relationship, so this just expands on that.” Rainer Dart was happy with the spirit of her characters portrayed in the movie, but says “the truth is, it wasn’t my version of the story … But it was true to the spirit of the story, it was true to the characters and it told the story quite well. I can’t complain.” In fact, when Midler asked for her thoughts on set on the day a “catfight” scene was shot (Rainer Dart says as a feminist, she would never write a catfight), Rainer Dart says she said to Midler, her favorite movie star, “‘Honey, you’re starring in the movie of my book, how bad can it be?’ And that was really how I felt about it.” For now, Rainer Dart stays busy readying both shows for primetime. “I feel like a kid with homework. That’s the problem with being a writer, you always have homework,” she said. But she’s loving it.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

‘Beaches’ Musical Expected to Play London in 2019 Before Coming to Broadway

‘Beaches’ Musical Expected to Play London in 2019 Before Coming to Broadway (Exclusive) Entertainment Tonight Leigh Scheps? March 26, 2018 A musical adaptation of the 1988 Bette Midler film Beaches is expected to first hit the West End in London in 2019 before coming to Broadway. “That would be the hope,” Iris Rainer Dart, 74, who wrote the novel of which the movie is based, reveals to ET. “I feel very lucky, first of all, to be my age and doing this. The theater has much less ageism than the movie and television business.” Lonny Price (Desperate Housewives) has signed on to direct the show with a book by Dart and score by Dart and newcomer David Austin. The story, which takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is about two friends from different backgrounds who keep a long-lasting relationship after going their separate ways. Right now, the stage production is in the workshop stage, where the creative team is writing new songs and rewriting dialogue. “We’re just listening, refining, redoing and seeing which songs work and which ones don’t,” Dart explains. In 2014 and 2015, there were two mounted productions of the musical, each with different casts. One played the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia, and the other at the Drury Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. While Dart wouldn’t reveal any casting choices moving forward, she hopes to incorporate some of the talent from both incarnations. In addition to the stage adaptation, Lifetime recently remade the film for TV with Idina Menzel and Nia Long taking on the roles originated by Midler and Barbara Hershey, respectively. Beaches will be Dart’s second musical after 2011’s People in the Picture starring Donna Murphy, which went straight to Broadway and ran for a limited engagement of 10 weeks. She says of the experience: “One of the things I’ve learned is to never open a show on Broadway before you’ve been out of town.” Meanwhile, Beaches is just the latest late ‘80s/early ‘90s classic film to be reimagined for the stage, following the successful run of Groundhog Day, which earned seven Tony Award nominations in 2017, and the upcoming Pretty Woman: The Musical, which is set to open on Broadway in July 2018. In addition to the newly announced Broadway Vacation musical adapted from National Lampoon’s Griswold family film franchise, Cyndi Lauper is still working on new music for Working Girl, based on the 1988 romantic comedy starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. “I’m hoping to actually finish Working Girl while I still have teeth in my mouth,” Lauper joked with ET while promoting her upcoming summer tour with Rod Stewart.
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Friday, February 23, 2018

Legendary Harlette, Charlo Crossley To Be Interviewed Tonight By Chris Michael Ward! Call In To Ask Questions! On Blog Talk Radio!

Spend a interesting evening with my guest Charlo Crossley as she shares her blessed life as an actress, producer, singer and minister and much more as she continued to push through and fulfilling her dreams in life. Please share this Friday with me and my Cohosts Chris and Marc by calling 347 945 6003 at 7:30pm EST and hit the number 1 key if you have a question or comment. Do you have a question for former Harlette & Friend of Bootlegbetty, Charlo Crossley?! Now’s your chance. Charlo will be interviewed night by Chris Michael Ward Here is the link: Click Here About Charlo Crossley: * Currently Program Director/Air Personality at Gospel Truth Radio USA, FB Page Admin at Starlight UK Radio and Network administrator at Starlight Broadcasting * Started out as one of Bette Midler’s Harlettes. * In the touring cast of Hairspray as Motormouth Maybelle. [Jun 2006] * She was in the Oscar winning documentary “20 Feet From Stardom * She was in Sister Act and sang “Heatwave and My Guy” * She was in Beaches and played the Diva Who Fell Into The Pit! * She’s been in countless TV shows and Movies: Click Here * Who was your favorite artist to perform with? Well that would have to be BETTE MIDLER…she was so innovative and nobody was doing what she did the WAY she did it back then…kind of a mix between a 1940’s Movie Musical with the Andrew’s Sisters and a hard rock & roll act like Janis Joplin. WE worked hard as Harlettes and it shows from day one of when they were first created for her Lincoln Center show in the 1970’s. There have been some amazing theatrical moments with Harvey Feirstein in HAIRSPRAY on Broadway…we had SO much fun it was crazy. Amazing moments onstage…real moving mystical stuff! I love the Theatre All you Betteheads can purchase her 2014 MP3 Album at Amazon. Just click image below. The samples sound incredible. Join Charlotte Crossley’s Facebook Page: Click Here
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

We Need To Turn This Bitchy Poll Around…Vote!

From The Data Lounge, a bitchy queen site…lol Is Bette Midler’s big career in movies over? Could she make a comeback to the silver screen in her senior years? As so many actresses previously have had a renaissance onscreen in later years? Or was Beaches her film career high and its pretty much over now? To vote in the poll: Click Here
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bette Midler & Barbara Hershey in Beaches

Bette Midler & Barbara Hershey in Beaches

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