Audio: Bette Midler – De Tour Live! – Austin, Texas -1983 – Enjoy!

Audio Only: Pink Cadillac/Cadillac Walk – Bette Midler (Live – DeTour – Texas – 1983)

Pink Cadillac (Written by Bruce Springsteen) Now you may think I'm foolish0000 With all the foolish things I do. You…

Why Springsteen Stopped Midler From Releasing Her Version Of “Pink Cadillac”

E Street ShuffleBette Midler Covers Springsteen’s Pink CadillacBy KenPOSTED ON NOVEMBER 26, 2018 Mister D: I remember so vividly when…

Bette Midler – Pink Cadillac – Cadillac Walk – Art Or Bust

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