BetteBack June 20, 1976: Bette Midler Tapes Longest Musical Special Made For Television

Bette Midler has completed taping a special that is probably the longest one star musical show ever made for television.

BetteBack May 26, 1976: HBO Scores Coup With Bette Midler Special

HBO scores coup by getting the Bette Midler tour on tape for a live TV special

BetteBack May 3, 1976: How Does Caesar’s Palace Bill Bette Midler?

How Does Caesar's Palace Bill Bette Midler?

BetteBack April 30, 1976: Why Do We Never See Bette Midler On Television?

Why do we never see Bette Midler on Television, except for the first Cher show in which she never got…

BetteBack March 26, 1976: Bette Midler Heading To Vegas

Boston HeraldMarch 26, 1976

BetteBack March 18, 1976 : David Bowie Flees To Bette Midler’s Side

Evening StarMarch 18, 1976 Bette Midler, David Bowie, Shady Grove, Live At Last, Roses, Best Show

10 Best Fake Movies, Ranked By How Good They Would Be

Movies and TV shows often come up with fake movies to satirize the industry. Most of these phony films look…

BetteBack March 12, 1976: Midler Can Do No Wrong For Her Fans

Evening StarMarch 12, 1976 Bette Midler, Shady Grove, Hello In There, Shiver Me Timbers, Roll Me Thru The Rushes, Vickie…

BetteBack March 11, 1976: Time Moving Midler Into Low Key

Evening StarMarch 11, 1976 Bette Midler, Shady Grove, Jon Landeau, Rolling Stone, The Divine Miss M, Clams On The Half…

BetteBack February 18, 1976: Divine Bette Midler Socko Amid Foul Language!

Divine Bette Midler Socko Amid Foul Language! - Bootleg Betty

BetteBack February 15, 1976: Bette Midler Tones Down “The Divine Miss M”

Bette Midler tones down the Divine Miss M

BetteBack February 9, 1976: Who’s Bruiser?

State Times Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)Monday, February 9, 1976 Bette Midler, Bruiser, Hasty Pudding

BetteBack 1976: “Songs” Lacks Simple Power Of A Strong Tune (January 30, 1976)

Boston Herald (Boston, MA)Bette Midler: Songs For The New DepressionFriday, January 30, 1976

BetteBack January 31, 1976: Bette Midler Says Touring Is In My Blood

Los Angeles TimesJanuary 31, 1976 Los Angeles – “Then Bette says to Sir Laurence, ‘If only I could have taken…

BetteBack February 11, 1976: Midler Falters On “Songs For The New Depression” Album

If we hadn't seen Bette Midler in her Carmen Miranda garb doing the tunes of years gone by, we wouldn't…

BetteBack February 2, 1976: Bette Midler And Lord Olivier Becoming Fast Friends

Bette Midler and Lord Olivier have become fast friends ever since he caught two of her performances in Los Angeles.

BetteBack February 1, 1976: What Happened To Bette Midler?

For those who wonder what became of Bette Midler, who virtually disappeared from the scene after her spectacular skyrocket rise…

BetteBack January 30, 1976: Songs For The New Depression Review

I have to admit that I was swayed by the razzle-dazzle and the lady's chutzpah - the lady being Bette…

BetteBack January 24, 1976: Bette Midler Talks Springsteen and Waits

In a recent interview, Bette Midler said "Bruce Springsteen doesn't know; Tom Waits knows."

BetteBack January 25, 1976: Phoenix Depression Tour Performance Review

Wednesday I treated myself to a performance by Bette Midler, in my opinion, one of the funniest, and most uninhibited…

BetteBack January 6, 1976: Bette Midler Named One Of Worst Dressed For 1975

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of late President John F. Kennedy, was named the worst-dressed woman of the year by fashion guru,…

BetteBack January 5, 2016: Bette Midler Talks About Relationship With Aaron Russo

Bette Midler was asked about "your friend and manager, Aaron Russo?" She replied, "What kind of friend? Do you mean…

BetteBack November 1, 1975: Bette To Debut As ‘Woody The Spoon’ in “Vegetable Soup”

"Vegetable Soup," a new children's television series, featuring real people, puppets and animated characters, was born out of the belief…

This Song’s Meaning: Broken Bicycles

The song "Broken Bicycles" by Tom Waits carries a poignant and introspective meaning. It portrays a collection of old and broken things.…

BetteBack DECEMBER 27, 1975: “The Divine Miss M” tired but original

The Los Angeles TimesThe Divine Miss M – tired but originalSATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1975 In the continuing parade of new…

BetteBack December 26, 1975: Bette Midler Hits A Slump At First Comeback Concert

The Divine Miss M did not live up to her reputation last weekend nor to her last Bay Area performance.…

BetteBack December 5, 1975: Bette Midler – “He has been my lover.”

Letheridge HeraldBette Midler – “He has been my lover.”December 5, 1975 Mister D: Maybe not do interviews after anesthesia! LOL…

BetteBack 12/3/1975: Bette Midler Undergoes Emergency Appendectomy

Singer Bette Midler is listed in satisfactory condition after an emergency appendectomy

Forgtten History: BetteBack November 22, 1975: Toni Basil Signs On To Choreograph Bette Midler “New Depression” Tour

Toni Basil, renowned choreographer-dancer-actress, will choreograph the production of Bette Midler's forthcoming 20 City/80 performances concert tour

BetteBack November 22, 1975: Bette Midler Steals The Show At Ira Gershwin Tribute

Manchester Journal EnquirerThe Night They Toasted GershwinNovember 22, 1975 If music is the staff of life, the fiddlers are playing…