Go 2 Theaters 4 Blockbusters But Stay For Unexpected

I’ll visit many of them in the weeks to visit with Furiosa, Deadpool, and the colorful Inside Out crew. But…

Video: Bette Midler – The Bing Crosby Special – 1977

Bette Midler appeared in The Bing Crosby Special in 1977. Here are some details about her performance:

Video: Around The World – Bette Midler – 1980

Bette Midler goes around the world in 80 ways only to learn they are not her kind of people!

Johansson’s AI Battle Mimics Bette Midler’s Ford Case

For all the noise around AI’s unprecedented nature, it would be hard to more faithfully replicate the facts behind literal…

Richard Skipper & Kevin Winkler Celebrate Bette Midler

Midler’s image is that of a well-spoken, community-conscious elder who has fully embraced her place in the limelight.

Fools! All Of You! LOL – This Hocus Pocus Scam

A fake poster for Hocus Pocus: The Rise of the Sandersons, a supposed prequel series on Disney Plus, has fooled…

The Johnny Carson Serenades By Bette Midler

Carson’s flirtatious/fatherly chemistry with Midler continued during her frequent visits over the next twenty years.

Kevin Winkler’s ‘On Bette Midler’ — An Interview

In her own distinctive way, the divine Bette Midler has been telling her own story throughout her career.

Karaoke Bette May 2024 – More Songs Added To Jukebox

Ten new songs were added, including Hey There, He's A Tramp, One Monkey Don't Stop No Show, Sisters, and Storybook…

Why It’s Time To Bring Back The TearJerker Movies

Tears are sacred. They express sadness, communicate joy, signal need, and expunge stress. The crying offers us more than release;…

Podcast: “On Bette Midler: An Opinionated Guide.”

Kevin Winkler shares his love for Bette Midler and what led him to publish his third biographical book, "On Bette…

Bette Midler And Those Bathhouse Days

Bette Midler had already graced the Broadway stage before she started performing for gay men at New York’s Continental Baths

Tik Tok: Sheryl Lee Ralph On Working With Bette Midler

Sheryl Lee Ralph On Working With Bette Midler

Bette Midler: Same Song, Other Voice 5-24 Jukebox Open

I hope you find this selection fun. I sure did: My Mother's Eyes by Tom Jans Delta Dawn by Dash Rip Rock…

Abbott Cast Reacts: Bette Midler Wanting To Guest Star

Could Abbott Elementary fans soon see Bette Midler on their screens? The show's cast members say only time will tell.

Bette Midler Bloomed and Withered in ‘The Rose’

Directed by Mark Rydell, the musical drama ft Midler as Mary Rose Foster , a brassy rock diva whose talent…

Podcast: Kevin Winkler Talks New Book On Bette Midler

In this episode, I spoke with Kevin Winkler about his book "On Bette Midler: An Opinionated Guide".

Small Parts: Disney’s New Take On Outrageous Fortune

This new movie is a fresh take on the blockbuster comedy Outrageous Fortune, which was originally released in 1987 and…

Bette Midler’s Name In “The Fabulous Four” Is ‘Marilyn’

The film follows three longtime friends (Ralph, Sarandon, and Mullally) who go to Key West to be bridesmaids at the…

Happy Mom’s Day: Following In My Mom’s Footsteps

Here are 17 celebrity moms whose look-alike daughters are continuing their legacies.

The May 2024 Bette Midler Jukebox Is Open

The May 2024 Bette Midler Jukebox Is Open with songs, including:

Lisa Ann Walter Sent Note To Bette Midler

Melissa’s mother is still alive, and we do not meet her in this episode. I assume you saw that Bette Midler…

Regarding Bette Midler: What is a Hat Luncheon?

If you're wondering what a Hat Luncheon is, you've come to the right place. Let's explore this fashionable affair.

Bette Midler Calls Sitcom ‘Bette’ a “Big, Big Mistake”

Midler added that she once told David Letterman the show was "the worst thing that's ever happened to me in…

Bette Midler On David Duchovny’s Podcast “Fail Better”

Bette Midler graces David Duchovny’s “Fail Better” podcast, a delightful collision of star power and candid conversation.

Video: Bette Midler – Miss Otis Regrets – 1997

“Diva Las Vegas” was a glittering spectacle in which Bette Midler, the queen of sass and song, took the stage…

Bette Midler Spotted At 19th Annual Hammer Museum Gala

The 19th Annual Hammer Museum Gala in the Garden is a prestigious event held by the Hammer Museum in Los…

Video: Bette Midler – 7th Heaven Mix – 2014

Bette Midler recorded the song "Be My Baby." She released a cover version of the song on her album "It's…

An Evening With Marc Shaiman In San Diego July 3, 2024

Award winning Marc Shaiman brings his genius to the stage in the World Premiere of an evening celebrating his beloved…

Bette Midler & Susan Sarandon Star: The Fabulous Four

1st look photo fr the upcoming movie The Fabulous Four, Midler, dons a wedding dress & veil & sits in…