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Thursday, January 10, 2019

BetteBack Sep 4, 1975: Paul Simon Disses Miss M Over Recording

Newark Advocate
Sep 4, 1975


Paul Simon‘s new single, “Gone At Last” features Phoebe Snow singing the high parts that Bette Midler was supposed to have sung. As we’ve heard it, the Divine Miss M and the Rhymin’ Simon had a difference of opinion.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

BetteBack May 14, 1975: ‘Clams’ Does Nothing But Entertain

Lawton Constitiution
May 14, 1975


“Clams on the Half Shell,” Minskoff Theatre — The Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) in her new self-styped “taste-free” revue does nothing but ENTERTAIN. The show opens with a very well executed overture consisting of a medley from “Oklahoma!” An all-black chorus sings “Old Man River” while pulling in fish nets which dredge up a huge clam shell in which Miss M. is ensconced.

Hence the revue’s name.

FROM THAT moment on, she is in complete control — singing, dancing, chatting with the audience and telling jokes. (“McDonald’s is featuring a new Hearstburger — no Patty.” or “I know what a bisexual is, but what’s a bicentennial?” Read More

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BetteBack November 19, 1974: Bette Midler Set To Return To Broadway

Gastonia Gazette
November 19, 1974


BETTE MIDLER, a.k.a. the Divine Miss M, whose career began on Broadway as a chorus girl in “Fiddler on the Roof,” will be back on the boards, this time as the star of her own production. “The Bette Midler Revue” is exactly what it sounds like — hoofing, chirping, clowning and presenting some unspecified “new characterizations,” with the stage to herself. No date or theater has been named.

BetteBack November 18, 1973: The Return Of Show Biz, Starring Divine Miss M Read More

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Monday, March 20, 2017

BetteBack July 27, 1974: What’s With The Divine Mr. J Film?

Tucson Daily Citizen
July 27, 1974


Q: What’s this about Bette Midler making her film debut as the Virgin Mary?

A: lt’s a three-year old, jazzed-up home-movie spoof titled “The Divine Mr. J” that emerged from the can only when the Divine Miss M emerged from obscurity. “We turned down a Mike Nichols film, for Heaven’s sake,” says her manager. “Now this piece of (vulgarity deleted) comes out.”

Good News Dept: The Divine Miss M Re-Issue

BetteBack December 14, 1973: Bette Midler Hits Sophomore Slump Read More

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Monday, September 12, 2016

BetteBack December 11, 1973: Gosh, it’s Little Orphan Annie! Just when we need her!

New York Times
December 11, 1973

Bette Midler. "It was a remarkable adventure to return to Hawaii," Bette Midler said on the Tonight Show. The Johnny Carson program featuring Miss Midler performing a medley of songs from the 1940s and talking about her career will be shown on KHON, Channel 2, at 10:30 p.m., tomorrow. Star-Bulletin photo by Bob Young on September 6, 1973. Ran on Tuesday, September 18, 1973 and Sunday, August 21, 1977.

The nation was in sore need of comic relief last week.

And, against a background of gloom-on-gloom, with the house lights dimmed across the land, it got it.

Bette Midler opened at The Palace.

Flashy, trashy, and with enough warmth and energy to get the whole country through the winter, The Divine Miss M wowed ’em.

And the audience that responded to her with cheers, with laughter, with joy – was one that actually did represent the whole country:

“Straight and gay; aboveground and underground; unisex and duo-sex; Middle American and radic-lib; chic and frumpy; escapees from apartments for singles and escapees from retirement homes – they all turned out for the one performer on today’s scene they could all share with equal enthusiasm.” Read More

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Friday, October 17, 2014

From My Friend Ron…Re: Deluxe Edition It’s The Girls


Pre-ordered the Deluxe version from Target yesterday. Surprisingly, the Deluxe CD is less expensive than the regular version that doesn’t have the bonus tracks. Free shipping if you spend over $50 with Target; however, they won’t ship until street date, which means for some of us, we won’t get the CD until around the 8th-10th of November. Might be better to just go into the store on Nov. 4th and get it right away (however the price might be different than the pre-order price)……..as for the bonus tracks, based on hearing the originals, I think they’re quite interesting additions to the CD. “Mendocino” is hauntingly beautiful, and “The Hunter Gets Captured…” has a unique arrangement that slowly builds and becomes surprisingly addictive–it’s the song that when you finish listening to it, you immediately want to listen to it again (and again). As always, just can’t wait….. Read More

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GirlsGate Part I: Bonus Songs Being Shopped To Several Outlets First

10422437_669344986495291_786618983135362200_nI don’t know all the record industry lingo but at this point the two bonus tracks are being shopped to Target and other outlets for an exclusive deal. (This is why the 2 songs disappeared through the WB store.)

If WB can’t get an exclusive deal then the bonus tracks will be sold through WB. Which means we’ll get the tracks eventually although it could be only digital.

This has happened with WB before with other artists. Things usually pan out in the end so let calmness prevail. Sorry I am the one that has to give you the news. Read More

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something’s Up – Where Are The Bonus Tracks?

9-23-2014 8-58-12 AM

Mister D: Well I found out from Bette’s people the songs aren’t getting junked and they are going to check on what’s going on. I’ll keep you updated….xx

Just a warning. I ordered my Bette CD from the WB store where they had two bonus tracks listed. I just re-checked my order and the two songs have been removed. I don’t know if they’ve decided to ditch the deluxe version or not, but maybe we should all wait and see what happens closer to the sell date before pre-ordering. Unless you don’t care about the 2 extra songs. I just have a hard time believing that they would ditch the idea after advertising about it. Your call. I’ll keep you informed when I get any news. Read More

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