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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Photo: Bette Midler and Fran Drescher (The Nanny) Backstage at “Hello Dolly”

Photo: Bette Midler and Fran Drescher
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Saturday, August 4, 2018

How Much Money Does Bette Midler Make? Latest Income Salary

Celebrity Net Worth
How Much Money Does Bette Midler Make? Latest Income Salary
August 3, 2018

Bette Midler, Beaches, Glory Of Love

Bette Midler (/bɛt/; born December 1, 1945) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, comedian, and film producer.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Midler began her professional career in several Off-Off-Broadway plays, before her engagements in Fiddler on the Roof and Salvation on Broadway in the late 1960s. She came to prominence in 1970 when she began singing in the Continental Baths, a local gay bathhouse where she managed to build up a core followiSince 1970, Midler has released 14 studio albums as a solo artist. Throughout her career, many of her songs became hits on the record charts, including her renditions of “The Rose”, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, “Do You Want to Dance”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, and “From a Distance”.

Midler made her motion picture debut in 1979 with The Rose, which earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress, as well as a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. In a career spanning almost half a century, Midler has won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and two Tony Awards. She has sold over 30 million records worldwide and has received four Gold, three Platinum, and three Multiplatinum albums by RIAA.

Midler’s latest work included appearing on Broadway in a revival of Hello, Dolly!, which began preview performances on March 15, 2017, and premiered at the Shubert Theatre on April 20, 2017. It was her first leading role in a Broadway musical.
Net Worth:

Bette Midler Net Worth: $234.6 Million

=&0=&=&1=& $39.1 Million

=&2=& $3.26 Million

=&3=& $751,923.08

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute: Per Second:
$107,123.29 $4,463.47 $74.39 $1.24

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Monday, July 30, 2018

“Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler Offers Huge Discounts, But Telecharge Can’t Make the Transaction

Showbiz 411
“Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler Offers Huge Discounts, But Telecharge Can’t Make the Transaction
by Roger Friedman – July 27, 2018 11:04 am

Hello, Dolly, Bette Midler

Yes, pigs have flown. “Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler is deep discounting tickets.

I told you last week that there were quite a few seats available in all sections for Bette Midler’s final five-week run as Dolly. The seats are on the side, in the back, but they’re fine. “Dolly!” is a big show. You can see it from anywhere in the theater.

Then came the notice on BroadwayBox.com via email: there were deep discounts on those remaining seats. You could pay $139 and be sitting just a few feet away from someone who spent upwards of $600.

Telecharge is offering the deal, and you can make progress on their site up to a point. Just after you click on the new price, a page comes saying “We’re sorry, we’re having a problem with this feature of the site right now. Please try again.”

Good luck. Do we still have a Federal Trade Commission? That deal is supposed to be good through August 16th. And now it’s gone.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Photo: Bette Midler With Hill “Not That One” Clinton

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hello Dolly!: Bette Midler Is Back – 42 More Performances – July 17 – August 25, 2018

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bette Midler Gets Huge Paycheck For Her Return To Hello Dolly!

National Enquirer
Bette Midler Says ‘Hello Dollars’ With Huge Broadway Paycheck
The show doubles its take with her on stage!
By Rob Shuter
Jul 7, 2018 @ 7:10AM

Bette Midler, Hello Dolly, Close Up

Rob Shuter reports…. Bette Midler is back on Broadway in “Hello, Dolly!” — but her return didn’t come cheap!

“Bette is getting $200,000 a week and 10 percent off the top of the gross, plus a cut of the merchandise sales,” a theater insider told The National ENQUIRER

“She’ll be the highest paid actress on Broadway — and worth every penny.” Read More

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Hello Dolly Stage Door Forum – This May Help Answer Some Questions When Bette Midler Makes Her Comeback

Mister D: If you want to stay abreast of the Hello Dolly Stage Door antics, this is probably the forum for you now or when Bette Midler starts back up. Of course you’ll have to register.

Bette Midler, Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly Stage Door Forum: Click Here

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

God, This Is So Frustating & I Can’t Understand In The Morning LOL – The Triple Crown of Acting. That’s when a performer manages the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony for acting. To date only 24* actors have accomplished this

The Film Experience
List-Mania: Glenda Jackson & Lots of Triple-Crown Acting Trivia
Tuesday, June 12, 20
By Nathaniel R.

Bette Midler, Barbra Hershey, Beaches, Lounges

Since I’m on record as being annoyed that all anyone cares about is the EGOT it’s time to celebrate our preferred obsession: The Triple Crown of Acting. That’s when a performer manages the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony for acting. To date only 24* actors have accomplished this, with Glenda Jackson being the most recent recipient as of this past Sunday night at the Tony Awards. Triple Crowns have become much more commonplace in the 21st century since actors move much more fluidly through the three mediums than they did in before the turn of the century. TV has totally lost its stigma for movie stars and Broadway is more welcome to very short runs freeing major stars up to continue with their movie and TV careers without as much scheduling trauma. A TRUCKLOAD OF TRIVIA AFTER THE JUMP…

Note: We use film years for Oscar so don’t try to correct us on dates — Emmy and Tony don’t run on January to December calendar so the dates coincide with the ceremony!

Jack Albertson (Tony: 65, Oscar: 68, Emmy: 75)
Anne Bancroft (Tony: 58, Oscar: 62, Emmy: 99)
Ingrid Bergman (Oscar: 44, Tony: 47, Emmy: 60)
Ingrid is the youngest to complete the triple -she did it by 45 years of age.
Shirley Booth (Tony: 49, Oscar: 52, Emmy: 62)
Ellen Burstyn (Oscar: 74, Tony: 77, Emmy: 09)
Viola Davis (Tony: 01, Emmy: 15, Oscar: 16)
Melvyn Douglas (Tony: 60, Oscar: 63, Emmy: 68)
Did you know that this Hud star was Illeanna Douglas’s grandfather? I certainly didn’t.
Helen Hayes (Oscar: 31, Tony 47, Emmy: 53)
IMDb does not state what her Emmy was for so who knows if she’s a special case or not. We recently discussed her second Oscar win in Airport.
Jeremy Irons (Tony: 84, Oscar: 90, Emmy: 97)
Glenda Jackson (Oscar: 70, Emmy: 72, Tony: 18)
The oldest triple crowner and also the one who took by far the longest to complete it –it took her almost half a century!
Jessica Lange (Oscar: 82, Emmy: 09, Tony: 16)
Frances McDormand (Oscar: 96, Tony: 11, Emmy: 15)
Helen Mirren (Emmy: 96, Oscar: 06, Tony: 15)
And yes she won all three for playing Queens named Elizabeth! Though she has multiple Emmys so she’s won for other roles, too.
Thomas Mitchell (Oscar: 39, Tony: 53, Emmy: 53)
Rita Moreno (Oscar: 61, Tony: 75, Emmy: 77)
The second youngest to the Triple. She was 46 when she completed it with the Emmy for The Muppet Show. She was also the first person of color to complete the triple.
Al Pacino (Tony: 69, Oscar: 92, Emmy: 04)
Christopher Plummer (Tony: 74, Emmy: 77, Oscar: 11)
Vanessa Redgrave (Oscar: 77, Emmy: 81, Tony: 03)
Jason Robards (Tony: 59, Oscar: 76, Emmy: 88)
Geoffrey Rush (Oscar: 96, Emmy: 05, Tony: 09)
Paul Scofield (Tony: 62, Oscar: 66, Emmy: 69)
The youngest male to Triple. He was 47 when he completed it with the Emmy for Male of the Species
Maggie Smith (Oscar: 69, Tony: 90, Emmy: 03)
Maureen Stapleton (Tony: 51, Emmy: 68, Oscar: 81)
Jessica Tandy (Tony: 78, Emmy: 88, Oscar: 89)
Weird Statistic
The Emmy, which seems like the easiest to win since they have so many categories, is actually won last by the majority of Triple Crowners! How about that?


Only missing the Oscar which is obviously the hardest to win!:
(number of Oscar nominations acting only in parentheses)

Jane Alexander (4), Mary Alice (0), Christine Baranski (0), Ellen Barkin (0), Stockard Channing (1), Kristin Chenowith (0), Glenn Close (6), Bryan Cranston (1), Tyne Daly (0), Blythe Danner (0), Dick Van Dyke (0), Laurence Fishburne (1), Neil Patrick Harris (0), Rosemary Harris (1), George Hearn (0), Judd Hirsch (1), Hal Holbrook (1), Cherry Jones (0), Shirley Knight (2), Swoosie Kurtz (0), Anthony LaPaglia (0), John Larroquette (0), Ron Leibman (0), John Lithgow (2), Laurie Metcalf (1), Debra Monk (0), Michael Moriarty (0), Bebe Neuwirth (0), Cynthia Nixon (0), Mary-Louise Parker (0), Mandy Patinkin (0), David Hyde Pierce (0), Amanda Plummer (0), Diana Rigg (0), Tony Shalhoub (0), Cicely Tyson (1), and Jeffrey Wright (0)

Only missing the Tony:
(number of Tony nominations in parentheses. If they haven’t done any theater in New York in the last 25 years they have an x after the parentheses… the people with an x will never triple crown because they never do Broadway or stopped doing it after becoming famous or retired from acting or whatnot)

Patricia Arquette (0)x, Kathy Bates (1)x, Halle Berry (0)x, Michael Douglas (0)x, Faye Dunaway (0)x, Sally Field (1), Jane Fonda (2), Louis Gossett Jr (0), Anne Hathaway (0), Dustin Hoffman (1), Anthony Hopkins (0)x, Helen Hunt (0), Holly Hunter (0), Allison Janney (2), Tommy Lee Jones (0)x, Nicole Kidman (0), Cloris Leachman (0)x, Melissa Leo (0), Julianne Moore (0), Gwyneth Paltrow (0)x, Eva Marie Saint (0)x, Meryl Streep (1), Dame Emma Thompson (0)x, Dianne Wiest (0), Kate Winslet (0)x, and Joanne Woodward (0)x

Only missing the Emmy:
(number of Emmy acting only nominations in parentheses)

Dame Judi Dench (3), Joel Grey (1), Marcia Gay Harden (2), Kevin Kline (2), Eddie Redmayne (0), Mercedes Ruehl (0), Mark Rylance (1), Kevin Spacey (6), Denzel Washington (0), and Catherine Zeta-Jones (0)

NOTE: Anne Hathaway (35) and Eddie Redmayne (36) will break the “youngest to a triple crown” record if they manage to win their last of the big three prizes in the next nine years.


Annette Bening and Sigourney Weaver are the only living female performers with nominations in all three fields of acting without ever winning ANY of them. ARGH! On the male side of the equation the same is true of Mark Ruffalo and Ed Harris. Shaking my damn head! (Kathleen Turner and Jude Law are almost in a similar boat having delivered stellar work in all three mediums with only 1 measly Oscar nomination and 2 Tony nominations to show for it in Turner’s case, and 2 measly Oscar nominations and 2 Tony nominations in Jude’s case. It still horrifies us that Turner didn’t get at least an Emmy nomination for her indelible work on Friends as Chandler’s dad.)

Naturally those are some of our very favorite actors. The ‘business we call show‘ loves to torture us!

Sarah Paulson, Patricia Clarkson, Mare Winningham, The Lovely Laura Linney, Marisa Tomei, Martha Plimpton and Joan Allen — a seismic group of women as far as talent goes — all work all three mediums regularly but only have the Emmy or the Oscar of the three key prizes.


Multiple Tonys and Other Showbiz Nominations
Matthew Broderick (2 Tonys, 1 Emmy nomination), Brian Dennehy (2 Tonys and 6 Emmy nominations), Judith Ivey (2 Tonys and 1 Emmy nomination), Nathan Lane (3 Tonys, 6 Emmy nominations), Frank Langella (4 Tonys, 1 Oscar nomination, 1 Emmy nomination), Angela Lansbury (5 Tonys, 3 Oscar nominations and 1 Honorary Oscar, 18 Emmy nominations), Judith Light (2 Tonys, 3 Emmy nominations), Patti LuPone (2 Tonys and 1 Emmy nomination), and Bernadette Peters (2 Tonys and 2 Emmy nominations)

Single Tonys and Other Showbiz Nominations
Joan Allen (Tony + 3 Oscar nominations, 2 Emmy nominations), Blair Brown (1 Tony and 5 Emmy nominations), Diahann Carroll (Tony + 4 Emmy nominations and 1 Oscar nomination), Stephen Dillane (Tony + 1 Emmy nomination), Andrew Garfield (Tony + 1 Oscar nomination) John Benjamin Hickey (Tony + 1 Emmy nomination) Sir Ian Holm (Tony + 1 Oscar nomination, 2 Emmy nominations), Jane Krakowski (Tony + 5 Emmy nominations), Sir Ian McKellen (Tony + 2 Oscar nominations, 5 Emmy nominations), Janet McTeer (Tony + 2 Oscar nominations, 1 Emmy nomination), Brían F O’Byrne (Tony + 1 Emmy nomination), Denis O’Hare (Tony+ and 3 Emmy nominations), Sophie Okonedo (Tony + 1 Oscar nomination), Phylicia Rashad (Tony + 3 Emmy nominations), Liev Schreiber (Tony + 6 Emmy nominations), and B.D. Wong (Tony + 1 Emmy nomination).

When is Sutton Foster going to be Emmy nominated? She’s already deserved nominations for two separate series: Bunheads and Younger.

Multiple Tony Honors ONLY despite notable work on TV and/or in film Read More

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Video: Bette Midler – Live at The Majestic Theatre (1980) – Divine Madness On Broadway (Complete)

Mister D: This footage is old and rough in some places. Stationary. No Close Ups. But it’s a great artifact. I was lucky enough to see this production on Broadway. Much more electric live than just watching it on film. Bette was everywhere in NY. Even Times Square was playing the trailer of The Rose.

Bette Midler, Divine Madness

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bette Midler – Lullaby Of Broadway – The Bette Midler Show – 1976 #BetteMidler #LullabyOfBroadway #LiveAtLast #TheHarlettes

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