BootLeg Betty

God, This Is So Frustating & I Can’t Understand In The Morning LOL – The Triple Crown of Acting. That’s when a performer manages the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony for acting. To date only 24* actors have accomplished this

The Film Experience List-Mania: Glenda Jackson & Lots of Triple-Crown Acting Trivia Tuesday, June 12, 20…

Writer-Comic, Carol Leifer Reflects On Seinfeld’s Impact, 20 Years After Its Finale #BetteMidler #Seinfeld

NPR One Former ‘Seinfeld’ Writer Reflects On The Show’s Impact, 20 Years After Its Finale By…

Bette Midler – Stella-food fight

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Color of Roses – Bette Midler – Bette TV Series – 2000

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2009 – Bette And Kathy Griffin Have Dinner Part One

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1980 – Barbara Walters – Bette Midler

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2012 – Bette Midler – Bette Recalibrates

Michael Douglas among film stars honored by AARP

WNEM Michael Douglas among film stars honored by AARP Februay 9, 2016 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP)…

BetteBack December 12, 1993: Bette Midler Is Pulling Out All The Stops

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More On The “Argo” Premiere In NYC

Wall Street Journal Party Hopping And Grocery Shopping 10/11/2012 The Time Warner Center hosted every A-list…