BootLeg Betty

Former Harlette, Ula Hedwig, Has A Track On The New Album ‘Celebrate’ By Win Marcinak

Hits: 2  Unlike the blues, dance music has long been the province of gay men, as…

Bette Midler – 1978 – Paris Disco Hall

Hits: 1 Bette Midler – 1978 – Paris Disco Hall

Audio: Bette Midler – My Knight In Black Leather (Disco Single Noise Redux) – Rare MP3

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Mid-70’s: BETTE MIDLER & STEVEN HANISCH at Le Dardin Disco in France. I think Paris, of course. Don

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Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty: Bette Midler Delores De Lago Disco Medley 1983

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BetteBack January 28, 2000: `ISN’T SHE GREAT’ FULL OF SCHMALTZY FUN

Hits: 0The Boston Globe (Boston, MA) January 28, 2000 | Jay Carr, Globe Staff Like any…

In The New UnCut Magazine Bryan Ferry Talks Recording In Locations Ranging From West London To Bette Midler’s Loft

Hits: 0Uncut Bryan Ferry: “David Bowie rang and said, ‘I’ve just done an album like yours…’”…

“Let It In (Rock)” by Caution -Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera (In Conjunction With Scenes From “The Rose”

Hits: 0Mister D: I just thought this was interesting and unique. Check it out! Jorge Barreiro…