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Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Mashup: My Night At Cher’s “Burlesque Premiere” And Bette Midler’s Need For Some Props on “The Graham Norton Show”

Bette Midler on the Graham Norton Show displaying my Delores Doll

Mister D: I’m trying to remember as much detail as I can about this. I just felt so overwhelmed at the time.

My mother is a long time friend of the guy who runs the movie studio that made the movie, Burlesque. His name is Clint Culpepper. They make tons of movies. So we flew out to Hollywood for this one. My mom had done this before and she had also gone to awards shows and met many famous people. She once lectured Spike Lee on something, so I’m glad I was never there. Anybody who knows my mom will tell you she has no fear. She also went to Chris Brown’s first movie, when he was just starting to rise. She made such an impression on him, he came over at the after party and asked her to dance with him. Little did he know, my mom loves to dance, ham it up, and take over the whole floor. Supposedly, they had a blast. ...  Read More

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bette Midler attend Kathy Griffin’s sold out show at Carnegie Hall

Bette Midler attend Kathy Griffin’s sold out show at Carnegie Hall

The girl that took the photo said she used an app called Facetune for a filter. That’s why it looks a little odd. LOL

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kathy Griffin says Hollywood abandoned her except for a few including Bette Midler and Jim Carey

EW Kathy Griffin says Hollywood abandoned her DEREK LAWRENCE April 03, 2018 After her infamous photo with a bloody facsimile of Donald Trump’s severed head, Kathy Griffin believes Hollywood abandoned her, refusing to extend a lifeline that she desperately needed. Last May, the comedian became embroiled in a controversy that sparked a two-month federal investigation when images were released of her holding a fake decapitated head resembling the president. Since then, she lost her New Year’s Eve cohosting job on CNN and found it difficult to book stand-up gigs. And on Tuesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, Griffin — who apologized and then backtracked on her mea culpa — further addressed the fallout and the lack of support she received. “Nobody wanted to hear a word from me. I was anathema to everything and everyone,” said Griffin, who is set to portray Kellyanne Conway on The President Show. “I think what has been the worst is the fact that no one, until The President Show, no one lifted a finger. People would call me and be supportive and then they’d say, ‘Can you not say publicly that I called you?’ Lots of people. ‘I’m being really supportive, don’t ever say I called you.’ I reached out to a few people where the subject line was, ‘Where the f— have you been?’ And people got defensive. I thought, okay, I’m on my own here.” She continued, “I needed someone to lift a finger. I needed a big showrunner or somebody to go, ‘I’m going to give you 10 pages in a movie, I’m going to put you on SNL for one skit,’ and it would have all gone away. There were so many people that could’ve just done one little thing that would have made this like 50 percent less, and they just wouldn’t.” But Griffin did say that a few famous people reached out, including Katt Williams, Bette Midler, Aubrey Plaza, Jamie Foxx, and Jim Carrey. (She also said it was male comics and not female ones who came to her defense.) “I got a call from Jim Carrey, who I don’t really know that well,” Griffin said. “He said, ‘Kathy, do you know how many comedians would give their right arm for this story? You are the most famous comedian in the world today. Use it.’ I was crying on the phone with Jim. ‘Jim, it’s over for me!’ Jim said, ‘Don’t apologize — lean in, use it.’”
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bette Midler And Others Send Congrats To Kathy Griffin And Her Comeback

The Wrap Comedian Kathy Griffin is “in shock” and “so grateful” that her show at New York’s 3,671-seat Carnegie Hall sold out — in one day. Rosemary Rossi 3/18/18 “I just found out that my Carnegie Hall show sold out in a day. I’m in shock,” she tweeted Saturday. “For most of the past year I was convinced that my career was over…I have felt moments of despair that I can’t describe in a tweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I am so grateful.” Kathy Griffin ? @kathygriffin I just found out that my Carnegie Hall show sold out in a day. I’m in shock. For most of the past year I was convinced that my career was over…I have felt moments of despair that I can’t describe in a tweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I am so grateful. It’s been nine months since Griffin’s photo holding a fake decapitated President Donald Trump head caused an uproar that threw her life and career in turmoil. Venues cancelled her tour dates, CNN dropped her as co-host of its annual New Year’s Eve broadcast and she became the subject of a Secret Service investigation for “conspiracy to assassinate the president.” News of Griffin’s comeback made lots of her fans very happy, including a few famous ones. Amber Tamblyn tweeted, “Love you, Kathy,” while Bette Midler went into a little more detail, writing, “Congratulations and welcome back! You were in Show Biz jail longer than the Stanford Rapist was in real jail!” 17 Mar Kathy Griffin ? @kathygriffin I just found out that my Carnegie Hall show sold out in a day. I’m in shock. For most of the past year I was convinced that my career was over…I have felt moments of despair that I can’t describe in a tweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I am so grateful. Amber Tamblyn ? @ambertamblyn Love you, Kathy. 5:28 PM – Mar 17, 2018 176 See Amber Tamblyn’s other Tweets Twitter Ads info and privacy Bette Midler ? @BetteMidler Congratulations and welcome back! You were in Show Biz jail longer than the Stanford Rapist was in real jail! https://twitter.com/kathygriffin/status/975059012822630403 … Midler later added, “And what timing! On St. Patrick’s Day, no less!!” Bette Midler ? @BetteMidler #KathyGriffin And what timing! On St. Patrick’s Day, no less!! Griffin didn’t take the well-wishes and congratulations lightly, replying to Midler, “Thank you. I just reread the incredibly lovely and compassionate email you sent me on that dark day. XXOO.” 17 Mar Bette Midler ? @BetteMidler Congratulations and welcome back! You were in Show Biz jail longer than the Stanford Rapist was in real jail! https://twitter.com/kathygriffin/status/975059012822630403 … Kathy Griffin ? @kathygriffin Thank you. I just reread the incredibly lovely and compassionate email you sent me on that dark day. XXOO And there were even a couple of celebs who Griffin acknowledged who reached out to her privately. “People talk sh*t about @KrisJenner/@KimKardashian (including me in my act) but I will tell you something…in the past year they have shown me a lot of love & given me support when I needed it most,” Griffin tweeted. “And it’s never been for show. (Don’t worry they’re still going to be in my act).” Kathy Griffin ? @kathygriffin People talk sh*t about @KrisJenner/@KimKardashian (including me in my act) but I will tell you something…in the past year they have shown me a lot of love & given me support when I needed it most. And it’s never been for show. (Don’t worry they’re still going to be in my act) https://twitter.com/kathygriffin/status/975059012822630403 … Griffin’s “Laugh Your Head Off World Tour” has her performing in Canada and the U.S. through at least early summer. Additional date may be added.
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kathy Griffin Gives The “Legends Pass” Sometimes

Times Ledger Look out Queens Kathy Griffin is coming By Dennis Lynch April 7, 2016 resize When I wondered about Griffin’s feelings about the very judgy treatment she got from a rather prudish Bette Midler during one of her TV shows, set in Vegas, she shrugged. “That’s just because the legends are moody. They’re up! They’re down! They do it all! I just learned there’s a category of my friends –– Cher, Liza, Bette, Fonda –– the legends,” Griffin said. They get a legend pass, so when I’m lucky enough to be in their presence, that’s just the deal!”
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Celebrities Take To Twitter For Passing Of Joan Rivers

295BDC2E0-D1D6-F32F-7FC067BD90DAE32C.jpg.pagespeed.ce.dtp3sPyuuD BroadwayWorld was saddened to report the death of legendary comedienne Joan Rivers, who had undergone a procedure on her vocal cords last Thursday, when she stopped breathing. Rivers was taken to Mount Sinai hospital in New York City, and later put into a medically induced coma and put on life support. She was 81. For a look back at Rivers’ multi-faceted career, click here. Friends, colleagues, and members of the theatre industry have started turning to Twitter to express their sorrow at the news. BWW will continue to update the reactions as they are posted. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, said in a statement: “She passed peacefully at 1:17 PM surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother. Cooper and I have found ourselves humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. They have been heard and appreciated. My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.” E! and NBCUniversal also released a joint statement: “E! and NBCUniversal send our deepest condolences to Melissa, Cooper and her entire extended family on this incredibly sad day. For decades Joan has made people laugh, shattered glass ceilings and revolutionized comedy. She was unapologetic and fiercely dedicated to entertaining all of us and has left an indelible mark on the people that worked with her and on her legions of fans. She’s been a much beloved member of the E! family for over 20 years and the world is less funny without her in it. Today our hearts are heavy knowing Joan will not be bounding through the doors.” David Letterman: “”Here’s a woman, a real pioneer for other women looking for careers in stand-up comedy. And talk about guts – she would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things that were unbelievable, just where you would have to swallow pretty hard …but it was hilarious… the force of her comedy was overpowering.” Whoopi Goldberg: “My friend Joan Rivers has passed away once again to quote Billy Crystal… There are no words. Bon Voyage Joan” Larry King: “@Joan_Rivers was a dear & wonderful friend who I’ve known for 45yrs. Great guest, pal, comedian & mother. We will never see her likes again” Kathy Griffin: “A legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon, and wildly funny. One of a kind. RIP #JoanRivers” @joan_rivers Ricky Gervais: “RIP the mighty Joan Rivers. Funny & fearless. Truly one of a kind.” Kristin Chenoweth: “RIP Joan Rivers. You made us laugh and happy.” Donald Trump: “Joan Rivers @Joan_Rivers was an amazing woman and a great friend. Her energy and talent were boundless. She will be greatly missed.” Liza Minnelli: “Joan was my dear friend and I will miss her but I will always remember the laughter and friendship she brought into my life.” Lin-Manuel Miranda: “RIP Joan Rivers. One of a kind, trailblazer.” Bethenny Frankel: “In shock hearing that joan rivers died. She felt like someone who was ageless and would live forever. I still don’t really believe it.” Sharon Osbourne: “We’ve lost a true legend today and an amazing woman – a pioneer. She opened up the arena for women in comedy….My heart goes out to Melissa and Edgar. Love and respect from the Osbourne family to you both.” Bob Saget: “So funny and irrepressible. Rest in peace, Joan Rivers.” Joel McHale: “We will miss you @Joan_Rivers. What you did in your life was absolutely remarkable. Your rep for kindness to everyone was completely true” Bette Midler: “Joan Rivers has died. What a sad ending to a brilliant and tragi-comic life; one of the bravest, and funniest of all.” Samuel L. Jackson: Love Her or Hate Her, we’re gonna Miss JOAN RIVERS! I always Respected her go for broke humor. One of a kind.R.I.P.” Remy Zaken: “Joan Rivers :(” Henry Winkler: “@Joan_Rivers rest in funny peace !! You always created a funny space” Kelly Rippa: “NOOOOOOOO………. RIP Joan. You will be forever missed.” Michael Mayer: “RIP Joan Rivers. Smart, funny and really really kind. They broke the mold.” Candace Cameron Bure: “Saddened that Joan Rivers has passed. What a legacy she leaves. Praying for Melissa, Cooper & their family” Laura Benanti: “RIP you brilliant trail blazer.” Steve Kazee: “Damn…between Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers this world is a lot less funny right now when we need laughter most. #RIP #LEGEND…Everyone should watch Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work. Amazing history of a legend of comedy. So much more than her days at E!” Wallace Smith: “Joan Rivers. She will be missed. Just saw her not to long ago in the audience @RockyBroadway and @MTC_NYC Choir Boy. So sad. #JoanRivers” Billy Porter: “Go rest now you delightful human being. We have lost a genuine treasure. Thank you Joan Rivers for keeping it…” Lance Bass: “Thanks for the laughs @Joan_Rivers ! The last woman to bed me!” Helene Yorke: “Joan, thank you for all you did for us gals. You were one of a kind and an inspiration.” The Tony Awards: “Deep sadness. 1994 #TonyAwards nominee. MT: @nytimestheater: Joan Rivers is dead at 81. http://nyti.ms/1vTsnl0” Scott Alan: “RIP Joan Rivers. Your gift was not only proving that women can be funny but that life was meant to be laughed at and not taken so seriously” Max von Essen: “When I needed to laugh the most, she was there. Always. My entire life. Thank you Joan Rivers.” Jackie Hoffman: “Kill me. A world without Joan Rivers. Just kill me now” Diana DeGarmo: “I feel so lucky to be able to say that I met & worked with one of the most legendary, professional, funny, electric women in entertainment…Rest in Peace Ms. Rivers. You were one of a kind.” Nick Adams: “RIP @Joan_Rivers…I’ll never forget my stepmother telling her at the opening night of Priscilla, “oh you look great in person!” #RIPJOAN” Fran Drescher: “I’m so sad 2 hear tht Joan Rivers passed away 2day 🙁 A pioneer in women’s comedy & a survivor w a capital S! Thank U Joan 4all th laughs <3” Heather Headley: “Got in my car turned the radio on & heard ‘she was…she was…’ #JoanRivers! When I met her she told me she loved my dress..made my night!” Roseanne Barr: “RIP GODDESS: Hail Hail, a GENIUS has vacated this realm: Joan Rivers has died.” Anna Perez de Tagle: “The world just got a little less funny. #RIP Joan Rivers. Fashion Police will never be the same.” Sarah Silverman: “My heart is torn in half. She wasn’t done. #Joan http://www.whosay.com/l/lbv9a7m” Justin Guarini: “#RIP Joan Rivers. You made such a huge impact for women in all branches of entertainment. #trailblazer” Sarah Jessica Parker: “And in addition to being a trailblazer the great Joan always smelled good.Thanks for taking my challenge. I still owe you one. RIP x,sj” Andy Mientus: “I’m changing my major to #Joan. RIP” Lena Dunham: “Watching Joan Rivers do standup at age 81 was incredible: athletic, jaw-dropping, terrifying, essential. It never stopped. Neither will she.” David Lindsay Abaire: “”I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.” – Joan Rivers” Corey Mach: “met the queen a few years ago. she was full of quick wit, humility, and hilarious fag jokes. RIP” Sarah Michelle Gellar: “I am so sad. May I live my life as full as #JoanRivers did. Today is a sad day, but I will try and laugh to honor her #CanWeTalk #RIPJoan” Robin Roberts: “So sad that #JoanRivers has passed away. Thinking of her daughter @MelRivers and her family, friends and many fans. #RIPJoanRivers” Jane Lynch: “@Joan_Rivers Godspeed my sweet. Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for all the love. I miss you already.” Kevin Hart: “I just heard the unfortunate news about “Joan Rivers” ….I’m beyond sad about it. My prayers go out to her family and friends…She was a comedic genius and she will be missed. I’m honored to be able to call her my friend #RipJoanRivers” NeNe Leakes: “#RIP @Joanrivers I laughed so hard every time I was around you. Nobody could talk fashion wit a back handed slap better than u Joan” Ellen DeGeneres: “Joan Rivers will always be a pioneer. She paved the way for a lot of comedians. I’m very sad she’s gone.” Cyndi Lauper: “I am so sorry at the passing of Joan Rivers. She was a friend. She inspired me. She made me laugh since I was a kid, and I loved her so much” Michael Urie: “we weren’t finished with you, @Joan_Rivers, but thank you for it all” Kristen Johnston: “I enjoy life when things are happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive.” – Joan Rivers” Wendy Williams: “RIP to the woman who believed in my show when very few did. I love you @Joan_Rivers. Stay strong @MelRivers.” Brad Paisley: “The world will miss your incredible wit @Joan_Rivers. I sure loved getting to know you. Rest in Peace you hilarious soul.” Tom Bergeron: “Remembering Joan Rivers. A trailblazing force of nature. “Can we talk?” She sure could.” Daryl Roth: “A sad and senseless passing of a wonderfully thoughtful, smart funny lady who loved life .Rest in peace @Joan_Rivers” Martha Stewart: “I’ll miss my good friend & fellow Barnard grad Joan Rivers-Greatly admired her comedic genius. Pls remember her w/ me” Dule Hill: “RIP Joan Rivers. Thank You.” Anna Kendrick: “RIP Joan Rivers. Being publicly told that my dress is hideous will never feel quite as awesome. You will be truly missed.” William Shatner: “I am saddened to learn of the passing of @Joan_Rivers. A comedic legend. Thoughts going out to Melissa and her family.”

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    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Kathy Griffin’s New Talk Show On Bravo An Experimental Hit!

    Tampa Bay Times Kathy Griffin’s new show will ease up on celebrities … sort of May 30, 2012 If you know Kathy Griffin at all, you knew it couldn’t last. So, despite starting out with a widely heralded “no celebrities” rule for her new Bravo talk show, Kathy, Griffin now admits the guest lineup will soon include big names such as old pal Anderson Cooper, fellow in-your-face comics Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler, along with film star Jane Fonda and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “They started calling me,” protested Griffin. “At first I kept saying no. Sharon Osbourne said, ‘I can tell you that Simon Cowell has …’ ” — oh, we can’t tell you more in a family newspaper, but Griffin says Osbourne will spill it all on her show. Watch an episode of Kathy, and you get the sense that’s exactly how this program comes together, unfolding with the jagged, attention-deficit energy of a Real Housewives fan after downing a case of Red Bull. Kathy stitches together segments from the 51-year-old comic’s previous showbiz lives like a televised Frankenstein monster, opening with a bit of standup comedy, moving on to conversation with friends and relatives once featured in her My Life on the D-List series and featuring interview panels with self-proclaimed “Bridezillas” or hunky Chicago firemen seemingly grabbed off the street. Before her seventh appearance in Clearwater on Friday, Griffin spent a few minutes chatting about why she’s trying to break into TV’s Zooey Deschanel Mafia and why her mom swoons over Petri Hawkins-Byrd, the bailiff on syndicated court show Judge Judy. You’ve said that your 91-year-old mom Maggie will be part of the show. Do you have to withhold her infamous box of wine until the end of the show? No, she drinks more on show days because she knows I’m going to make fun of her. And then last night … you’re not going to believe this, but we actually had … do you know this guy Byrd from Judge Judy? No. Well, apparently you’re not 91 because he’s the bailiff on Judge Judy. So he just showed up to our taping and my mother was crying like in those pictures like, you know, when you see Help or A Hard Day’s Night, the girls are sobbing? My mother lost it because Byrd, the bailiff from Judge Judy, came to a taping and she held his hand … that is her Brangelina. How did you get the idea to do this show this way? Well, you know, after doing My Life On the D-List for six seasons, Bravo came to me and they said, ‘What if you did a show that had a little element of the D-List and then a little standup?’ I really learned how to talk to everybody on the D-List, from Bette Midler to my mom to strangers on the street.

    So did your celebrity friends get upset you wouldn’t have them on your show? ...  Read More

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    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Bette Wishes Gay Couples Happiness On The Way To ‘The Chapel Of Love’

    On Top Magazine Ricky Martin, Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, Chely Wright Tweet Gay Marriage Support BY ON TOP MAGAZINE STAFF PUBLISHED: JULY 24, 2011 Ricky Martin, Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin and Chely Wright are among the celebrities cheering the start of a gay marriage law in New York. Happy couples began marrying soon after midnight as the law took effect. “I [heart] NY,” singer Ricky Martin tweeted to his more than 3 million followers. “#LOVE IS STRONG! Happy Sunday everyone.” “To all Sunday’s couples: your walk down the aisle has been a long one … congratulations on finally making it to the altar!” entertainer Bette Midler messaged. “Congrats to all the newlyweds in NY! Bottoms up! The first day of marriage #equality. Next, FEDERAL equality!” comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted to her nearly 1 million followers. Country music singer Chely Wight, who came out gay last year and recently announced her own engagement, chimed in: “Good morning from Nashville 🙂 Exciting day for New York!!! #MarriageEquality.” Glee stars Darren Criss and Naya Rivera cheered passage of the law last month, along with actress Christina Applegate and singers Pink and Adam Lambert.
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    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Gay Icon Wannabe?

    Time Saturday, Apr. 09, 2011 Is It Possible To Become A Gay Icon? By Joel Stein Irish wakes are good, sitting Shivah is O.K., jazz funerals are great, and ayatullah processions have their moments, but the people you really want to show up when you die are the gays. The Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood, is still mourning Elizabeth Taylor, who hung out there with her dog Daisy, drinking watermelon-and-apple martinis. Taylor was a gay-male icon: beautiful and talented with a messy personal life, addictions to drugs or alcohol, and about 14 marriages. I don’t know the details because I’m straight. In fact, gay icons totally confuse me. I get that Maria Callas and Judy Garland are hot, talented women martyred by their art. But Marilyn Monroe was fabulous and tragic, and gays don’t care about her except as a Halloween costume. And I’ve yet to hear of one drag queen who puns off of Vincent van Gogh. Meanwhile, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler and Cher seem to have fine lives. Is inner strength the key? Or vulnerability? And how can you possibly iconicize all four Golden Girls? They’re so different. (See TIME’s photos remembering Elizabeth Taylor.) But all of them have a much better deal than having straight-dude fans. The moment you stop playing your sport, they ignore you and your sad suburban autograph signings. But if you’re a gay icon and get addicted to meth, stop working and abuse your assistant, your fans just love you more for it. I needed to figure out how to become a gay icon. Even if it required drinking watermelon-and-apple martinis. My first problem, I was surprised to learn, was that having a penis is un- appealing to gay men’s iconography. Dan Savage, sex columnist and creator of the It Gets Better project, told me that gay icons are almost always beautiful women. This, he said, is “so we can think of all the dudes we could get if we were you. But then you have to have a tragic love life, because it used to be tragic love lives were the only ones we could have.” It’s like the way straight dudes like great athletes but really adore athletes who screw up their lives with their self-destructive tendencies. In other words, if we were decent people who didn’t fear our wives, we would be rallying around Tiger Woods. (See photos of Elizabeth Taylor through Hollywood’s lens.) Dan believes that Barbra, Bette and Cher are lesser icons, loved merely for their talent and campiness. Which was not a smart thing to say to my friend Lash Fary, who runs a celebrity-gift-lounge business and has photos of Barbra Streisand lining his hallway and a framed lock of her hair that he got from a friend who goes to her stylist. Lash thinks Barbra’s pursuit of excellence makes her an icon, though I’m going to guess, because my mom loves Barbra, that it has more to do with expressing emotions unnecessarily. He also thinks community service is key. “What Elizabeth Taylor lacked in talent, she made up in her crusading for AIDS research well before anyone was really doing it,” Lash said. “That overpowers the fact that she was fat in a wheelchair later in life.” It seemed as if being a gay icon might not come with the unadulterated respect I’d been hoping for. Still, you do get a lot of attention, so for specific advice I called the only gay icon I know. “I’m not going to lie, because the gays have been through too much adversity to sugarcoat anything,” Kathy Griffin told me. “You’re just not hot enough. You’re 40 pounds overweight in gay pounds. Unless you turn into Taylor Lautner real fast, you’d better stick to light paperwork at the local GLAAD office.” (See the gay-rights movement in pictures.) But plastic surgery and a juice fast wouldn’t get me past the straight-guy hurdle. Dan said the only male gay icons he could think of were Oscar Wilde, James Dean, Rudolf Nureyev and “that dude who shot himself in the ’80s,” which made it sound like the canon didn’t run that deep. But if I really worked hard, he thought I had a chance. “You are young and pretty,” he said, proving himself a much more perceptive gay-icon spotter than Kathy Griffin. Apparently all I needed to do was die that way and leave behind the shocking secret of an affair with a young, beautiful boy who wronged me, leading me to self-destruction. “Good luck with the cigarette burns on your arm, bisexual affairs, drug addiction and early death,” he said. “You’ve got a lot on your plate the next two years.” I don’t know what Dan tells kids who ask him sex questions, but I was starting to question the wisdom of his advice. Maybe becoming an icon would take too much energy. A long-discriminated-against group requires an icon who, like Kathy, is fearlessly authentic — dignity and humility be damned. When Elizabeth Taylor found out that a movie about her marriage to Richard Burton was in the works last July, she tweeted, “No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor but Elizabeth Taylor herself.” I don’t have that kind of swagger. In fact, I’d love to have Taylor Lautner play me. And maybe break my heart. This article originally appeared in the April 11, 2011 issue of TIME.
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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Kathy Griffin To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: ‘Suck It!’

    Kathy Griffin isn’t backing down from her feud with “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. After the two sparred on-air last month on “The View,” Hasselbeck called Griffin “scum” this week for her joke that Scott Brown‘s daughters are prostitutes. Griffin’s response? Hasselbeck can “suck it.” “Now I have to send Elisabeth Hasselbeck two muffin baskets because she confronted me when I was a guest on the show two weeks ago and then this morning she called me ‘scum,'” Griffin told E!. “I have to send two baskets because as a comedian, I’m loving it.” “Suck it!” she added. “As the great Bette Midler said, ‘F–k ’em if they can’t take a joke.'” Or, as Joy Behar said to Hasselbeck, “I know my daughter’s not a prostitute, so it’d be funny. It’s just a joke, Elisabeth.” Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/marc_malkin/b191221_kathy_griffin_hasselbeck_lighten_up.html#ixzz0uNRwHtw3

    Watch Hasselbeck take on Griffin: ...  Read More

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