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Thursday, January 10, 2019

BetteBack Sep 4, 1975: Paul Simon Disses Miss M Over Recording

Newark Advocate
Sep 4, 1975


Paul Simon‘s new single, “Gone At Last” features Phoebe Snow singing the high parts that Bette Midler was supposed to have sung. As we’ve heard it, the Divine Miss M and the Rhymin’ Simon had a difference of opinion.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

BetteBack August 10, 1975: Bette Midler Discovers The Manhattan Transfer

Cedar Rapids Gazette
August 10, 1975

The Manhattan Transfer - The Manhattan Transfer (1975)

Their story reads like a scenario out of a 1940s movie musical.

The action opens late one night on a New York City street, where cab driver Tim Hauser picks up a pretty young redhead dressed in hot pants and cape. He explains he’s an out-of-work singer. She introduces herself as Laurel Masse, an aspiring vocalist.

Fade out — and fade into a scene at a west end bar some hours later, where the couple is plotting, planning, fantasizing about making beautiful music together. Read More

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Monday, October 15, 2018

BetteBack August 9, 1975: I hear Bette Midler isn’t nearly so popular offstage as she is onstage. True?

Altoona Mirror
August 9, 1975


I hear Bette Midler isn’t nearly so popular offstage as she is onstage. True?K. Denton, Newport, Ky.

Not on the evidence we have. During the New York run of “Clams on the Half Shell‘ she ordered 70 picnic hampers from the Trattoria and Brasserie restaurants to be delivered to the theater between shows on weekends, as there was no time for the cast and crew to go out to dinner.

When Alexis Smith visited Bette backstage after one show, her dressing room was crowded and Alexis didn’t recognize Bette, with no makeup and her hair pulled back.”In fact, she was introducing herself to people, ” said Alexis, who told Bette she was leaving for a Florida club date. With that, Bette took her to a corner and passed on some valuable tips about club work, a rare thing for performers to do. They usually guard their  “secrets ” as closely as the Pentagon does. Read More

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Friday, August 17, 2018

BetteBack July 17, 1975: ABC Offers Bette Midler A Special Deal

Harrisburg Daily Register
July 17, 1975


Bette Midler, the doyenne of glitter rock, may soon be doing her boogie woogie on ABC, a network spokesman said Wednesday.

“We have made her an offer,*’ the spokesman confirmed, “now, it’s up to her.” The spokesman declined to discuss the terms of the offer.

Miss Midler has risen from a cult following in a Manhattan steambath to successes on Broadway and television with her outrageous style of song and dance. Her first top seller was a parody of the Andrews’ Sister hit of the 1940’s “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from
Company B Read More

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Photo: Bette Midler And Barry Manilow – Gay Pride 1973

Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Gay Pride 1973

JUNE 24, 1973
Bette Midler (center), backed by Barry Manilow (at piano), flanked by, among others, Vito Russo (at far right, in white pants, with head turned away), at Christopher Street Liberation Day, Washington Square Park, New York City, June 24, 1973. Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Trees Grow in Brooklyn, Thanks to Michael Kors and Bette Midler

The Cut
Trees Grow in Brooklyn, Thanks to Michael Kors and Bette Midler
By Emilia Petrarca
JUNE 22, 2018

It was hard to hear Bette Midler singing as the JMZ train thundered past the Essex Street Community Garden in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon. But the show must go on.

Midler had a job to do. She was there to help her longtime friend Michael Kors and his husband, Lance LePere, cut the ribbon for the newly restored green space, which they helped bring to life in partnership with the New York Restoration Project (NYRP). To celebrate, Kors hosted a block party on the summer solstice with live music, food trucks, and face paint. Read More

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

BetteBack April 24, 1975: It’s a glossier Bette Midler who’s back in the Big Apple (‘Clams’)

Middletown Times Herald
April 24, 1975


NEW YORKBette Midler, the tackiest girl in town, has come home to roost at the tackiest theater on Broadway, the Minskoff. She opened last week with her “Clams on the Half Shell Revue,” and proved that it’s oysters that produce pearls, not clams.

The show begins with the overture from “Oklahoma!” — which is not a bad way to open a show. At least it once worked quite well for “Oklahoma!? It then moves straight into a scene from “Showboat.” Read More

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Broadway sees nearly-20 year high in admissions from city residents

Broadway sees nearly-20 year high in admissions from city residents
By Lisa L. Colangelo and Alison Fox
January 9, 2018

Broadway isn’t just for tourists anymore.

New York City residents are returning to the Great White Way in numbers not seen in almost 20 years, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Broadway League.

The annual demographics survey showed city residents made up about 2.85 million admissions to Broadway shows in 2016-17 — or 22 percent of the annual 13.3 million admissions. Read More

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

BetteBack June 30, 1975: People Magazine Interview Regarding “Clams”

People Magazine
Bette Midler Returns In Tacky Triumph
June 30, 1975
By Patricia Burstein

In a blue-and-white smock with red sandals coordinating her Bicentennial look, the star shimmied along New York’s 42nd Street on a recent afternoon. Some of the drifters and drunks recognized and swooped down on her, and she fluttered her fingers in self-­defense. She slunk past a peep show window, then nipped into an alley. A second later her bright red head popped out – the hand clutching the throat is her own, in the classic strangulation bit of vaudeville. “I wouldn’t say I invented tack,” Bette Midler observed, nasally, “but I definitely brought it to its present high popularity.” Though meant as a self-effacing remark, it is true. Her virtual one-woman Broadway show this season has been the biggest hit by a solo artist since she herself last brightened the Great White Way in 1973. Read More

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

BetteBack April 1, 1975: Review Of Preview Of “Clams On The Half Shell Revue” Before NYC

The Evening Bulletin
April 1, 1975
By Matt Mansker

Broadway ought to be girding for the pearl of its season, for Bette Midler‘s “Clams On The Half Shell Revue” will open there later this month to the certain bedazzlement of La Big Apple. The show, which began a preview run of a week last night at the Erlanger, [in Philadelphia] is a delicious concoction – lavish and brilliantly mounted; rich in atmosphere and antic uplift; here uproarious, there haunting.

The crux of the magic is that “Clams On The Half Shell” places Bette Midler, on the boards again after a year’s layoff, in an ideal theatrical environment, one which beautifully underscores her camp-kitsch aura while drawing out the superb substance of her talents as a singer and comedian. If anything, Miss M is a stronger performer than before, having stylized herself to a point where she radiates a full-blown identity without having to resort to any frantic oversell, although the smooth direction and chorography of Joe Layton must be acknowledged. Read More

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