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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Video: Oh Hanukah Oh Hanukah – Twas The Night – Bette Midler – 2001

Never underestimate the power of simplicity, charm, and children. All three can go a long way, especially during the frenetic holiday season. Such an idea must have crossed the collective mind of HBO’s creative crew when it began planning its original special, ‘Twas the Night: A Holiday Celebration. In a mere 28 minutes, this warm-hearted trifle refreshes our holiday spirit and crystallizes the meaning of the season by focusing on such diverse topics as peace, goodwill, Santa, and snow. It’s all done with grace and style by pairing classic and contemporary holiday songs with different animated styles to form a series of festive vignettes, all of which are framed by delightful off-the-cuff comments from children of various races and social backgrounds. We see, through their wide eyes, a yuletide season of humor, wonder, hope, and even sorrow ideas that beautifully compliment the animated artistry. Read More

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