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Audio: Bette Midler – Moonlight Dancing – Club Mix – 1991

Featuring The Harlettes: The Black & White Sessions : Paulette McWilliams : “At Seventeen” (June 18, 2018)

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Films Back In The 1980’s, Like Beaches, Were Made For Adults, Not Just Teenage Boys

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Bette Midler – Some People’s Lives – Experience The Divine – 1993

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What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs From Bette Midler’s Some People’s Lives Album?

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Songs From Bette Midler‘s Some People’s Lives Album? One More…

Bette Midler – Night And Day

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BetteBack February 7, 1991: Some People’s Lives Review

Syracuse Herald Journal Critics: Some People’s Lives February 7, 1991 THE CRITIC: Shane Kurowski, a senior…