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Friday, February 8, 2019

Video: Bette Midler – Waterfalls – Jimmy Fallon – 2014

Bette Midler - Waterfalls

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Friday, November 11, 2016

BetteBack January 27, 1973: Do You Wanna Dance Single Review

Daily Kennebec Journal January 27, 1973 2016-06-02_4-41-35 Hot prospect single-popular – Do You Want to Dance by Bette Midler. Miss Midler has once again done what she is most famous for, she has taken in a 1958 Bobby Freeman hit song and remade it to fit her own style. The song. Do You Want to Dance, is in a slower tempo with softer music. Bette’s style seems to reach out for you. Bette Midler – In This Life – Jay Leno – 1996 | BootLeg Betty Do You Want To Dance – Experience The Divine Tour – Bette Midler – 1993 | BootLeg Betty Bette Midler – Press Conference 1980 | BootLeg Betty BetteBack August 26, 1973: Sensitive Midler a Sure Bet to Continue Ascent as Singing Star | BootLeg Betty

Do You Want To Dance – Experience The Divine Tour – Bette Midler – 1993 | BootLeg Betty ...  Read More

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bette Midler On The Rose:

Bette Midler On The Rose: “The character I play is a girl singer, strong-willed and somewhat shell-shocked by the tumult of those times. As I was myself…The part reflects a couple of things about me. A certain amount of insecurity, for example – most people experience it, but don’t want to reveal it. My best work is always revelatory. When I stand on the stage, I try to get not completely naked, because you have to hold something back or else there’s no mystery, but as close to naked as I can bear to come. I want people to sense that what I’m showing them isn’t phony. I want to spark that shock of recognition that makes them say, ‘Oh, I know what that gesture means, that look.” That’s some form of acting, and I’ve always done it. 266445__19804.1342529447.380.500
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Benny Ambros And Bette Midler

benni+bette_2   When i bought the ticket for the meet & greet in Birmingham last november I was the happiest person in the world and got really excited about meeting my biggest idol, Bette Midler, in person. In the confirmation of the ticket buying process I was told that I would get all the information  about that evening before the concert.  As i didnt receive any information 2 weeks before the concert, i wrote vipnation to ask when the meet & greet would be and when i would have to be at the concert hall on that special day. They told me the meet & greet would be before the concert and that i would  have to be in birmingham  at 15:00. So i booked my flight from vienna to london and the train from london to birmingham. For the return trip to london i booked the last train that was possible to have as much time for the concert as possible. One week before the concert i got the regular information which told me the meet & greet would be after the show and so i hoped that everything would be in time and that i could get my train back to london after the concert. I traveled to london the day before the concert and on the final day i got up early and spent the day in birmingham.  What really surprised me was that i didn get nervous about being eye to eye with the most divine person in the world.  The day went by fast and i had to check in at 17:00 for the dinner.  As i dont know any hardcore Bette Midler fans like me in person it was so great to meet all these wonderfull people who love and adore her like i do or even more. During the dinner i went down to the souvenir shop to buy all the stuff i wanted and as a nerd for merchandise i also bought the ukulele (and still dont regret it). When I sat down for the concert i also met another sweet couple who were placed next to me who also loved Bette as much as i did. When the curtain opened i was thrilled for a moment to have Bette Midler right in front of me – just some meters away, reassured quickly. After the concert when we got collected together and were taken to the room where we were finally to  meet Bette it did not change – i still was really calm. Then she came in the room and we lined up for meeting her one by one. When it was my turn, i gave my bags to one of her assistants  and my present for Bette to another one of her assistants. We got introduced to her and she said  “hi Benny – how are you?”. I told her i‘m a fan of hers since i saw her riding on her riding broom. Then the picture was taken and i told her that i came all the way from vienna to meet her and that she has never been there. She told me that she went to vienna many times but never for a concert – only for food. I always had the stupid train on my mind and so i forgot to tell her about the present. So i thanked her and left without saying anything about it. If you want to know – i bought her a necklace with 7 “Sisi-Stars” made of Swarovski Crystals. One for every 10 years of her life. I ran to my train and was lucky to reach it. Back in London i realised what happend that evening and that i just had met Miss Bette Midler. All my blood rushed up to my head and i had a little breakdown. I went straight to the next hotel and stayed there for the night. It took me one complete day to recover and come back to myself. IT was worth every effort. I made my biggest and till that day most far away wish come true. I have met the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, and will capture this moment till the day i die. I will write in my testament that on my gravestone will be written “his biggest dream came true – he met Bette Midler and was the happiest person alive.
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Concert Review: What a remarkable woman Bette Midler is! (London)

Evening Standard Bette Midler, O2 Arena review: A sweary seaside postcard made flesh Published: 20 July 2015 Updated: 11:11, 20 July 2015 By John Aizlewood 10584718_1628434127396380_197110961_n What a remarkable woman Bette Midler is. Last night, the 69-year-old concluded her Divine Intervention tour with a show that veered from schmaltz to smut without breaking stride. From the moment she told an audience member, “you look awfully pale; that’ll be the blood rushing to your genitals. I have that effect on people,” she was a sweary seaside postcard made flesh. She commanded her backing singers, The Staggering Harlettes, to “wave to the wankers in the luxury seats”, while A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) was punctuated with lustfully delivered “Soph” jokes, mostly updated versions of those first told by her bawdy heroine, comedienne Sophie Tucker. The mix’n’match punchlines included crotchless underwear, Coronation Street, orgasms and Chihuahuas. For all that, the wonder of the cherub-cheeked Midler is her ability to brazenly follow an anal sex gag with spine-tingling, almost spiritual versions of TLC’s Waterfalls and Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows without losing an audience which included Richard E Grant, Christopher Biggins and Elaine Paige. Her biggest hits tumbled out towards the end. The Rose and From A Distance were fabulously overwrought, but they paled in comparison to an extraordinary, almost unhinged Stay With Me and Wind Beneath My Wings, which in its rightful hands sounded anything but saccharine. She could have been a comic, she could have been as big a Broadway star as Bernadette Peters, but instead Midler is simply an MOR superstar with the voice of a siren and the patter of an adult cabaret act. She’s not for the faint-hearted, but she’s not to be missed. For more concert photos from the UK: Click Here Bette Midler, O2 Arena review: A sweary seaside postcard made flesh Concert Review: Bette Midler review – a whirl through the years by a star with true charm (London) Your pictures and tweets on Bette Midler in Birmingham Review: Bette Midler Is Still Naughty and Bawdy, but Reflective, Too

Review: Bette Midler, Divine Intervention, Leeds First Direct Arena, Wednesday ...  Read More

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Concert Review: The Divine Miss M Exceeds Expectations!

Musical Theater Review Bette Midler – Divine Intervention Tour – The O2 Arena, London By Lisa Martland Sunday, 19 July, 2015 in Onstage, Review 11349201_1053600204665138_303310080_n After admiring an artist for decades, there is always the prospect of disappointment when one finally gets the opportunity to see them in action. Thank you then to The Divine Miss M for not just living up to expectations, but exceeding them. Proof, perhaps, that the best things come in small packages. In an unorthodox move, the five stars above are for Midler’s inspiring performance and the first class work from her accompanying backing singers and musicians led by MD Morris ‘Mo’ Pleasure (some of the gags and lyrics specially written to amuse the London audience do not deserve the same kind of perfect score). Unlike the recent Idina Menzel concert tour seen in the UK, this show’s visual design doesn’t just take account of those sitting in the first few rows, but strives to involve everyone lucky enough to have a ticket in the vast O2 arena. From the very start, when the hurricane that is Midler’s Divine Intervention storms into the venue, the projection and lighting designers ensure the show is a colourful and atmospheric feast for the eyes (credit to scenic designer Michael Cotten, video and projection designer Olivier Goulet and lighting designer Peter Morse). So often the terms ‘legend’ and ‘icon’ are bandied about, but it is hard to avoid them when this unique actress, singer and comedienne is in action. “The people’s goddess is in the house,” Midler exclaims, before asking what she describe as the most important question of all: “Don’t I look fabulous?” (And whether wearing a pink mini-dress or stunning red sequined number, she does indeed – the legs are still to die for). “I’m like vodka,” she remarks, “ageless, odourless and tasteless…” I suppose the kind of gags, told by Midler’s popular character Soph (inspired by Sophie Tucker) during the Canary Club skit, might fall into the latter category, but they are also laugh-out-loud funny. This is when Midler’s great comic timing is at the fore. [Fans will also be sad to bid farewell to infamous mermaid Delores DeLago who appears to have retired from showbusiness]. Elsewhere, despite Midler’s prowess as a comedienne, the efforts to connect with the London crowd fall a little flat. These include images of the performer in flagrante with everyone from Jeremy Clarkson to Margaret Thatcher; a special version of ‘I Put a Spell On You’ delivered in full costume as Winifred Sanderson from the 1993 comedy fantasy movie Hocus Pocus; and an odd Benny Hill reference thanks to a tap dancing egg. The show’s writers may have thought these set-ups would work but they seem pretty contrived. But such quibbles pale into insignificance when it comes to the quality of Midler’s vocals and storytelling through song. In upbeat numbers like ‘I’ve Still Got My Health’ (a personal favourite of mine) and a selection of tracks from her recent album It’s the Girls (the harmonising on ‘Bei Mir Bist Du Schon’ is a rare treat), there is no let-up in the energy with which this true professional approaches her craft. Indeed, here, the slick direction and choreography has to be praised highly (co-director and choreographer is Toni Basil), with all those onstage (including the excellent trio of female backing singers, The Staggering Harlettes – Kyra DaCosta, Nicolette Hart, Carol Hatchett) so confident with the material that they can relax, entertain and have the best of times. Best of all though within a well-balanced programme are the ballads everyone is waiting for: ‘The Rose’, ‘From a Distance’, ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most’, an intensely emotional ‘Stay With Me’, and a truly touching ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’, dedicated to everyone in the audience. The feelings these melodies evoke are the ones that stay with you well beyond the journey home. To connect with an audience in this barn of a venue, and make them laugh and cry in equal measure is quite an accomplishment. At nearly 70 years of age, Midler jokes about her age and that of her fans, but she remains a unique presence in the showbiz world. Sexy, sassy, sincere and always Divine. Lisa Martland NB: Musical theatre fans will be interested that two original songs in the show – ‘Divine Intervention’ and ‘A Bird in the Hand’ – have been written by Marc Shaiman, Scott Wittman (Hairspray, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Bette Midler. Wittman is also the production’s creative consultant. Hollywood icon Bette Midler vows to save the day for drag queen left heartbroken when a thief stole a ukulele Your pictures and tweets on Bette Midler in Birmingham Bette Midler 2015 tour: the Divine Miss M returning to London for first tour in 35 years

Concert Review: Bette Midler review – a whirl through the years by a star with true charm (London) ...  Read More

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Concert Review: Bette Midler review – a whirl through the years by a star with true charm (London)

The Guardian Bette Midler review – a whirl through the years by a star with true charm Bette Midler at the O2 Arena, London. By Betty Clarke Sunday 19 July 2015 12.13 EDT 11243844_1666527483579282_39129739_n “I’ve seen it all and done it all,” says Bette Midler, who is back touring the UK after an absence of 35 years. “And tonight I intend to repeat what I can remember.” Thankfully, Midler’s recall of a career that has seen her evolve from comedian to Grammy-scoring singer and Oscar-nominated actor is acute. And for almost two hours, she takes us on a whirlwind ride through its highlights, aided and abetted by a full band and three nimble-footed backing singers, the Staggering Harlettes. The show begins in the glitzy, flamboyant style that saw Midler through a two-year stint in Las Vegas, the quips fast and funny, the songs breathless as she tears about the stage in a salmon-pink mini-dress. The 69-year-old has the energy – and legs – of someone a third of her age, and despite laying on her back and professing exhaustion, she’s soon shimmying along to her cover of the Exciters’ Tell Him, taken from her latest album, It’s the Girls! The self-styled “Divine Miss M” deftly swaps moods and personas with dizzying speed. She thoughtfully reimagines TLC’s Waterfalls as a poignant piano lament before reclining on a red, lips-shaped sofa to bemoan the Kardashians and social media while sharing fake photos of herself in bed with British luminaries including Boris Johnson. Summoning up the bawdy spirit of her idol, Sophie Tucker, she relishes profanity-littered jokes, yet delivers the God-bothering From a Distance with absolute belief. She later delights in donning the shocking orange wig and buck teeth of her Hocus Pocus movie role, before becoming an iconic diva for Stay With Me, shimmering in a hot-pink sequinned dress. But throughout all the incarnations – via the schmaltzy Wind Beneath My Wings and the mullet-rock of Beast of Burden – Midler remains, as she jokingly christens herself, “the People’s Goddess”. And, as good as the songs and asides are, it’s her irreverence and charm that really win her the numerous standing ovations she rightfully receives.

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    Thursday, July 16, 2015

    Here Is The Set List For The Divine Miss Millennium Tour (Thanks Mr. Retro)

    Mister D: I’ve had some people ask me about the set list for the Millennium shows so I thought I’d throw it up here. Thank you to Mr. Retro for his help. article-1062212-0020604B00000258-807_468x812 The Divine Miss Millennium set list is: From A Distance, I´m Beautiful, You Make Me Feel Mighty Real Do You Want To Dance Medley Lullaby In Blue The Rose I Regret Everything Otto Titsling Marihuana The Lady Is A Tramp/Spohie Tucker South Seas, My Way Delores Delago I Think It´s Going To Rain Today Mary Sunrise Sunset Wind Beneath My Wings Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Stay With Me and she sang One For My Baby (One For The Road) sometimes

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    Tuesday, July 14, 2015

    Bette Midler Put A Spell On Manchester Last Weekend

    Viva Bette Midler Put A Spell On Manchester Last Weekend Words by Tom Frodsham July 14, 2015 009-AN- Hollywood legend and multi-talented Superstar Bette Midler finally came to Manchester this weekend to continue the UK leg of her ‘Divine Intervention’ tour. The arena was unsurprisingly sold out so when Bette burst onto stage after a whirlwind of chaos and lightening with her rendition of ‘Divine Intervention’- dressed in a pink, diamanté encrusted baby doll dress- the crowd were on their feet in joyous delight. ‘Don’t I look fabulous Manchester?’ which of course she did. ‘I’m here to lift you like a boob job for your soul!’. Looking round the crowd Bette observed ‘Christ you all look so jaded! It’s like Fifty Shades of Grey in this section’, but she loved us all the same. Bette’s set list dipped in and out of hits from her career and tracks from her last album ‘It’s The Girls’, which celebrates great girl group hits. TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ was turned into an emotional ballad followed by the uplifting ‘Tell Him’. Bette had the audience in the palm of her manicured hands. Throughout the night the crowd would cry out ‘I LOVE YOU BETTE!’ and Bette would quip ‘Honey, I’m workin’ here’. Bette’s comedy was a great way to break up the performances. Her wit and charm was none stop. She had the crowd in hysterics all night. ‘I’m like vodka, I’m odourless, ageless….and tasteless’. Bette loved to joke about herself, her age, and even her material. ‘My husband is German, so I dress up as Poland every night and let him invade me…You STILL laugh at that! That ones hanging on by a thread!’ Bette acknowledged ‘Hocus Pocus’ with a rendition of ‘I Put a Spell On You’ in full costume. Still in witch character she told us ‘I’m going to put a spell on all of Manchester! I’m going to turn Curry Mile gay and all Canal Street Asian! And ban all football in Manchester!’ It was nice touches like that that made the show more personal to us. Not may performers do that. One thing that was impressive was Bette’s voice. The control and strength of her vocals were as strong as ever. Today some young performers still mime *cough- Britney Spears– cough* and 69 year old Bette is putting them to shame. For the final section Bette’s full length pink sequinned dress set the tone for her biggest hits. ‘I know you all want to sing along with the next song but remember-there’s only one diva around here’ Bette quipped before she broke into ‘The Rose’. It wasn’t until Bette belted out her spellbinding rendition of ‘Stay With Me’ that she really brought the house down and received a standing ovation lasting minutes. She saved the best till last with ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. I doubt there was a dry eye in the arena as Bette sang those lyrics. Even I had to wipe a tear away! For the encore Bette burst back on stage ‘with the song that started it all’, ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ followed by a unanimous standing ovation that showed the Divine Miss M’s magnetic personality and talent is as timeless as ever. Divine Intervention Review: Not content with showing Madonna and Kylie Minogue how to do it, she is certainly making up for lost time. Marvellous. (Birmingham. UK) Review: Bette Midler @ Manchester Arena Review: Bette Midler delivers a divine night at The Palace Your pictures and tweets on Bette Midler in Birmingham

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    Monday, July 13, 2015

    Concert Review: Bette Midler’s Divine Intervention Is Always Welcome In Glasgow

    The Herald Scotland Music review: Bette Midler at SSE Hydro, Glasgow Marianne Gunn Monday 13 July 2015 7-12-2015 7-40-56 PM Music Bette Midler SSE Hydro, Glasgow Marianne Gunn Five stars “Do I look fabulous, Glasgow?” Bette Midler asked the crowd, before the ensuing trademark quip: “I slept in a fridge for five years, let’s get on with it before I thaw!” In her first UK tour for 35 years, the stalwart of stage and screen had more of a sprightly twinkle than any starlet I’ve seen in recent years. The Divine Intervention tour was unlike most gigs in another important way: Midler had banned cameras and videos and, in the main, the crowd adhered to her wishes. Enjoying her music in the moment, the gig had a more intimate feel. Warming the crowd up gently, and getting herself all fired up in the process, I’ve Still Got My Health (from the film Beaches) was shortly followed by a rousing Throw It Away (“I put the whore into hoarder,” she winked.) The rest of the concert was chunked down into neat little segments: Auntie B’s Rock ‘n’ Soul revue, featuring Tell Him, praised the work of girl groups, then a pitch-perfect Bei Mir Bist Du Schon was the best example of her three backing singers’ seamless harmonies. TLC cover Waterfalls was an unexpected choice and yet her musical interpretation and words of wisdom about motherhood meant tears were falling all around before the song was over. “So much emotion, so early in the evening!” Midler wailed, with a camp twinkle and knowing nod, her warmth and humanity cleverly buried beneath an every-flowing barrage of cheap gags. The digital revolution was lambasted, Hocus Pocus was incorporated (there’s to be a sequel, of course), a Club Canary stand-up turn brought vulgarity into variety and there was even an Oscars-style tribute to Delores Delago. The final section was the supreme justification for the high ticket prices (although the production values and fantastic band were out of this world) as The Rose, From a Distance and Stay With Me were followed by an encore of Wind Beneath My Wings and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Midler’s request for no singing along was adhered to, and – as promised – she gave the nod when joining in with “the Diva” was permissible. Finally, she apologised for it having taken so long to play the city; I’m sure she’d be very welcome back – divine intervention is always welcome.

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