Trashy Ladies Medley

Trashy Ladies Medley

Ladies With A Touch Of Trash

It took a whole lot of women
A whole lot of time
To come just as far as they’ve come
Through their troubles and fears
They were brave pioneers
And we’d like to sing about some

We’re gonna sing about the trashy ladies
We’re gonna talk about the brassy broads
Just find a chick that’s got a past that’s shady
And she’s the lady that the world applauds
She may be rough and tough and harder than nails
She had to fight for all her nickels and dimes
She joined the group of hip and farsighted frails
Who’s always just a little bit ahead of her time
Her uniforms a faded feather boa
Her dress is satin and the colors clash

But if you want a chick who’s always there
With a heart of gold and platinum hair
Who always takes an exit when the cymbals crash
She’s a lady with a touch of trash
A little tacky
A lady with a touch of trash
A scarlet woman
A lady with a touch of trash

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
(Armand Piron, Clarence Williams)

I wish that I could shimmy like my sister Kate
She shakes it like jelly on a plate
My mother wanted to know last night
Why all the boys treat Katy so right
At the corner she goes
Boom shaka-laka-laka
Boom shaka-laka-laka
Ain’t we hot

Now all the boys in the neighborhood
They know she shakes it, and it’s good
I know I’m late, but I’ll be up to date
When I can shim, sham, shimmy, like my sister
That girl is loose as a goose
Shimmy like my sister Kate

(Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger)

She was bum, she was a bum
She’s all they claim
She was a bum
With mascaraed eyes
And lips as red as flame
Muah, muah, muah, muah
Yes, she’s got them all on the run
But her heart belongs to someone
Her heart belongs to Tangerine

(L. Wolfe Gilbert, Mabel Wayne)

Ramona? Ramona? She was no trash
I know, she was an Indian
I don’t get it

Lulu’s Back In Town
(Al Dubin, Harry Warren)

Get yourself into your Gatsby drag
Zip yourself into a Gucci bag
Put on you best Burt Reynolds macho stag
Cause Lou-Lou, Lou-Lou, Lou-Lou
Lou-Lou’s back in town

There was a dame in love with a guy
She stuck to him but didn’t know why
Everyone named her
Still they all claimed her
True blue, Lou-Lou, Lou-Lou
Lou-Lou was a ladies name

Put The Blame On Mame
(Allan Roberts / Doris Fisher)

But you can put the blame on Mame boy
Put the blame on Mame
One night she started to shimmy-shake
And that brought on the Frisco quake
Put the blame on Mame boys
Put the blame on Mame

Mary Had A Little Lamb
(Sarah Josepha Hale)

Mary had a little lamb
Love him, hated her!

Minnie The Moocher
(Cab Calloway, Irving Mills)

Here is a story about Minnie the Moocher
She was a low-down hoochie coocher
She was the roughest, toughest frail
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale

She ran around with a bloke named Bruiser
He fell for her, but she was a user
She took him down to Chinatown
And showed him how to kick the gong around


Rose Of Washington Square
(Ballard McDonald, James F. Hanley)

Oh, Rose
Rose? Which one was she?
Of Washington Square
I never cared for her
I’m withering there
Oh, honey you deserve it
In basement air
I’m fading
Oh lord
A pose
Yeah, look at that pose
In plain or fancy clothes
Rich to rags, she’s a wreck
They say my Roman nose
Yeah, well let’s talk about that nose
Seems to please
Honey, you been kidding yourself for years
Artistic people

Everyone knows
I’ve plenty of those
Rows and rows of beaux
With second hand clothes
Everyone knows
And nice long hair

We’ve got those Broadway vampires
Lashed to the mast
We’ve got no future
But oh, what a past
I’m Rose
Of Washington Square

Mary Is a Grand Old Name
(George M. Cohan)

For it was Mary
Oh honey, I wouldn’t mess around with her if I were you
No, I guess not

Sweet Georgia Brown
(Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, Kenneth Casey)

No gal made has got a shade
On sweet Georgia Brown
Two left feet, but neat
And sweet is Georgia Brown

Shabba dabba dupp
Shabba dabba dupp
Shabba dabba dupp
Bob Bop Bop Babba da dow
Bop do do do do do do do
Bootin do do bootin do do bootin do do
Bootin do do bootin do do bootin do do

Fellas she can’t get
No gentleman she ain’t met
Georgia was her name
Georgia was her name
Farewell sweet Georgia Brown

Ladies With A Touch Of Trash ”“ cont.

So, if you like a chick who’s on the square
With some low-rent talk that can curl you hair
You can find a little bit of them in Bette and Cher
We’re ladies with a touch of trash
Well it’s a living

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