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And of my favorite sections of this website: Bette Midler in print! This is the section where you will have to read even more. I realize that announcement may induce a ripple of panic in some of my visitors; perhaps your hair is standing on end just thinking about it. But, it is no secret that reading is my favorite pasttime.

I’ve been a voracious reader since before I started grade school, and my devotion to reading only continues to expand as I age--even more quickly than my waistline (which we won’t get into) ;o) As a scrawny, gangly little lad, having my nose glued to a good book provided ample protection against tormentors attempting to rip the spectacles from my face or kick sand in my eyes. ;o) And an added benefit? I learned! So many new words and ideas; it was like a whole other world opening up for me.

{Sidenote: I also found out that bullies rarely read, and therefore, my increased vocabulary proved quite useful. Nothing stops a bully in his tracks faster than being called, say, a maladroit gorgon. The fist freezes in midair and the face contorts with puzzlement; you can almost hear his thoughts by the look on his face-should I be flattered or insulted? Should I find a dictionary and look up those words? How do you spell them? Where do they keep dictionaries anyway?...}

But, I beg your pardon for digressing into flashbacks from my youth. ;o) The point I am trying to make is that reading really is fun-da-mental. It provides an endless source of entertainment (fun...get it?) and, duh (da), it increases one’s mental acuity. No matter how old I am, I still feel like a babe, growing and learning when I open a book.

This section will also continue to grow, and hopefully, will assist you in the pursuit of learning even more about the divine Miss M. Here you will find books written about Bette, books with chapters devoted to Bette, books with more than a passing reference to Bette, Bette on Bette, Bette on Babies, Bette on the bospherous, articles on Bette and interviews with Bette. Just Bette, Bette, Bette! A bevy of bodacious Bette in bulk! :)

Many of these books and articles are out of print, while others are still available. Great places to look for these gems would be Amazon, Powell’s, Abes, Barnes and Noble, Midlerobilia, and eBay. For sheet music, look no further than Bette’s fave place, Colony Music. All it takes is a teensy bit of time and research. And..what? Bette’s worth it, right? Of course right!. ;o)

For some good analysis and personal reviews (especially on the Bette bios and her own works), check out Carl’s Bettechives. I believe he is going to spend a lot of time on this aspect of her career and he is a fabulous writer/researcher in his own right.

I hope you enjoy this section. It is very time consuming and I have slaved ever so diligently to bring you a modicum of pleasure. I will continue adding to the articles and reference sections, so please check back frequently for updates. Do not let my efforts be in vain, I beseech you.

For readers who prefer "picture books", I will be putting photos with the articles, though they are not necessarily from that article. This will provide a retinal diversion for what some might consider a monotony of words. :) You might have visited this page for the specific purpose of finding new pictures to look at, and that’s fine too. We all have to start somewhere. ;o)

But, friendly teasing of my non-reader readership aside, I think you will find this section quite interesting because it shows the steady growth (yes, she is a reader also) of Ms. Midler throughout the years. Some articles will be familiar, others may be obscure, but they are all fascinating because of their focus: the divine Bette Midler. Happy reading (or picture decide)!

Love, Mister D
(with a little spit and polish from Snook; mostly spit!) ;o)