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Gypsy (1993)

Billboard peak: # 183

Bette Tracks: ""Some People" - "Small World" - "You'll Never Get Away From Me" - "Everything's Coming Up Roses" - "Together (Wherever We Go)" - "Rose's Turn"

Chicago Tribune, 1993

The Chicago Tribune music critic offered a glowing review: "The new version of "Gypsy" is a class act, and this recording is another instance of what went right. Bette Midler, in the role she was born to play, showed gumption by performing a lot of the material live, during the actual filming.

This studio version is altogether different, and even better. Silky studio magic has now been added to Midler's incomparable versions of such ]ule Styne-Stephen Sondheim treats as 'Rose's Turn,' 'Small World,' and 'Some People.' Meanwhile, the slight harshness of timbre in 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' is now smoothed away.

Television reviewers dubbed the telecast the performance of Midler's career; this is easily one of the finest of her albums-tough, brassy, but full of those satiny moments that so complement her persona.

Musicals 101, John Kenrick

The TV soundtrack captures Bette Midler in a sensational performance her "Rose's Turn" is a knockout! Some may find her occasional rock/pop vocal mannerisms jarring, but that's all part of putting her stamp on the role.

A suggestion: this production is better appreciated on video than on CD. Vocally, the supporting cast ranges from okay (Cynthia Gibb) to well-intentioned (Peter Riegert), but on screen they are all fun to watch.

Thanks, Bev for the contribution!!!