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Oliver and Company (1988)

Bootleg Betty, Mister D

"Perfect Isn't Easy", but it is when you are the Divine Miss M. This song also reunites Miss M with Mister Magic Fingers on keyboard and arrangement....Barry Manilow. I'd love to see him produce at least one more album for Bette.

The Divine Miss M has been called the euphemism for a female dog before, so she finally played one as Georgette, the spoiled poodle in Oliver & Company. Her show-stopper "Perfect Isn't Easy" is the over-the-top highlight of the film. Midler has also appeared in several Disney live action hits, including Down & Out in Beverly Hills, Ruthless People, Outrageous Fortune and Big Business.

Artist Direct

The soundtrack features a wide range of musical styles, allowing listeners to experience the different flavors of New York City. Billy Joel demonstrates his passion for the city's carefree mentality on the rhythmic track "Why Should I Worry?" Bette Midler adds the cabaret-style "Perfect Isn't Easy," while Huey Lewis sings about endless possibilities on the pop tune "Once Upon a Time in New York City." Latin performing artist Ruben Blades entices listeners to tango on "Buscando Guayaba," and Ruth Pointer (from the Pointer Sisters) offers the jazzy dance track "Streets of Gold."