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Friday, November 18, 2005

To My Best Friend: Happy Birthday Darrell!!!!

Don’t want to embarrass the “old” guy! ( I do believe he’s 24!), but today is Darrell Redmond’s Birthday! So Happy Birthday Darrell!!! And may this be your happiest, healthiest, and most productive year ever…it’s your time to shine, I say. 🙂

I would just like to personally thank you for being such a good friend to me…I would say my best friend, even though we have never met. I know many might find that odd, but in this day and age with all our technological advances, I’d say not. I love our emails, but more than that I love our telephone chats….and folks we talk several hours a week about everything (about some of YOU LADIES AND GERMS!, alot of ME!!! and a little DARRELL…LOL, and life in general)…without any outside interference…so it’s a great way to get to know someone. And I really treasure those phone calls. Read More

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CD Review: Nashville Loves Bette!

Mister D: I would just have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Wynn on the only “misstep” remark, since that is one of my favorite performances on the CD! 🙂

Nashville City Paper
By Ron Wynn
November 18, 2005

Bette Midler has reunited with Barry Manilow on Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook (Columbia), and this renewed partnership works very well. Manilow’s production is restrained, with arrangements perfectly suited for Midler’s voice. Midler doesn’t try to match Lee’s interpretations or tone, instead retaining the spirit of “Fever” and “Is That All There Is” though her own quirky tricks and persona. The two also offer a good rendition of “I Love Being Here With You.” Read More

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