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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Bette On Repeat of The Letterman Show July 7, 2004

=&0=& Network: (CBS) Columbia Broadcasting Service =&1=& Time: 11:35 pm – 12:35 am ET Singer Bette Midler; national spelling bee champion David Tidmarsh.
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Remember Bette Was A Donor In Cleaning The “Statue of David”

0000318569-001.jpg =&0=& Bathhouse Lisa thought I should do a follow-up to the restoration of the Statue of David which Bette donated to last year. With Bette being in Italy, hopefully she’ll drop by to see the good work she contributed to. Here is the link to the original article where Bette was shown to be a donor, followed by the article on the unveiling: Bette, Among Others, Helps Preserve Florence, Italy’s Heritage ‘David’ wears a birthday glow Alan Riding New York Times News Service May. 30, 2004 12:00 AM FLORENCE, Italy – As a measure of this city’s nervousness about restoration of its Renaissance masterpieces, Michelangelo’s David was unveiled last Monday, after eight months of cleaning, to proud claims that this 14-foot-high marble statue looked little different. “An invisible cleaning,” Antonio Paolucci, the superintendent of Florentine art, said reassuringly, “like washing the face of a child.” For anyone familiar with David, though, this monumental sculpture did look different, definitely cleaner and generally more presentable in preparation for celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of its placement in the Piazza della Signoria in September 1504. Paolucci’s caution, however, evidently reflected a desire not to reawaken the controversy that preceded this $500,000 restoration. One year ago, Agnese Parronchi, the restorer hired to clean the statue where it now stands in the Galleria dell’Accademia, resigned to protest the so-called wet cleaning method imposed on her by Florentine experts. Her warning of damage to the work soon was echoed by James H. Beck, a Columbia University art historian and president of ArtWatch International, who organized a petition signed by 55 international art historians calling for further study before cleaning. In July, however, Paolucci gave the go-ahead for the restoration. And in September, a new restorer, Cinzia Parnigoni, began using the approved wet method by applying distilled water through compresses of cellulose pulp on top of Japanese paper. In some sections where wax dating back two centuries had accumulated, Parnigoni also used white spirits to remove the wax. “I would call the result ‘less gray,’ ” Parnigoni said. “But I hope it is not too white.” Beck, who visited the Accademia last month to observe the cleaning, said he still felt the restoration unnecessary. “But this is not a drastic cleaning, which was a victory for our side, because if we had not spoken out, they would have cleaned it much more,” he said in a telephone interview from New York. Nonetheless, by using white spirits, the museum had broken its pledge not to employ solvents, Beck said. Franca Falleti, director of the Accademia, said the white spirits were used only to dissolve wax, and at no point touched the marble. Unlike Paolucci, however, who spoke repeatedly of “invisible cleaning,” Falleti was eager to show, with before and after photographs, that many stains and blotches had been removed. Some, though, were too ingrained to be washed away with distilled water and have been left. The marks on David recount much of the statue’s life story, starting with an 18-foot-high marble block from Carrara that had been exposed to the elements for 40 years before Michelangelo began transforming it. “It is very-poor-quality marble,” Parnigoni said after working inches from its surface for months. Even Michelangelo had to spend four months polishing the marble before it was presented in public in 1504. In 1527, while standing in the Piazza della Signoria, the sculpture lost the lower half of its left arm during a riot. The arm’s lower half was reattached with a metal bar and covered with a white mixture of lime and sand. Because this strip has aged and colored in a different way from the rest of the marble, Parnigoni removed the original sealing matter and replaced it with fresh plaster. To her credit, the connecting point is barely visible. The restoration history of David also has left its marks. In 1810, the statue was covered in wax for protection; in 1843, this wax, along with Michelangelo’s original patina, was removed disastrously with hydrochloric acid. A wiser form of conservation took place in 1873, when the statue was brought indoors to the Accademia. But in 1991, an unbalanced Italian artist smashed a toe on the statue’s left foot with a hammer, and this, too, had to be restored. Scientists also have carried out detailed studies of the environment in which David now lives. They concluded, for instance, that both the temperature and gaseous pollutants monitored around the statue were at acceptable levels. But they also noted that larger dust particles introduced by about 2 million visitors per year quickly soiled the marble “and threaten to cancel out the results obtained with the newly completed cleaning.” Parnigoni said that to prevent a dust buildup, she planned to clean the statue with a hand-held vacuum cleaner every six weeks. Perhaps most alarming, however, is the discovery by Florentine experts that David would not be safe in case of a major earthquake. In documents provided to the press last Monday, the experts are quoted as saying, “Given the importance of the work, we consider it necessary to take even this extreme hypothesis into consideration.” Because Florence lies in an earthquake zone, the hypothesis is not extreme.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Worth Repeating: Teach Your Children Well

DWF15-207408.jpg Knight Ridder Tribune News Service Lee, Luaine Photo: Greg Pace Bette Midler, who’s costarring in “The Stepford Wives,” has a 16-year-old daughter. Midler reports she’s incensed by the way the media panders to young people. “The thing that I think is really unfair is that the advertisers and the media see the kids younger and younger as a source of revenue,” she says. “They don’t really care. It’s that thing where you have to protect your children has really gone out the window and I really, really resent it. I’m really, really sorry that people don’t make more of a fuss about it. Something has happened in the last 20 years. People are so chic. They used to march. People used to scream and they don’t do it anymore. I guess that they’re so busy trying to pay off their credit cards that they don’t take an active part in it. Maybe they say, `I’m just one person. What difference can I make?’ But I really think that it’s offensive and I think that it’s unfair to the children because their childhood is basically cut off. After you’ve seen so much sexuality, they’re sexual at 8 and 9 and 7. You see little girls bumping and grinding in their bikinis and it’s appalling because childhood is the best part of your life. It’s the part that’s the funniest. It’s the part that you remember the best and if you’re grown up by the time that you’re 8, what do you have to look forward to?”
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Time To Catch Up!

Now that Bette is on vacation…maybe I can take one. This gives everyone a chance to catch up on all things Bette. I would suggest checking out Darrell Redmond’s Bette on the Boards. Darrell has opened up the vaults in his Song of the Week Archives for your listening pleasure. And you don’t want to miss some of these classic performances by Bette. This should keep your day bright… Much love, Mister D
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Final Weekend Box Office Tally: Jun. 25 – 27, 2004

trailer7.jpg WEEKEND BOX OFFICE FINAL Variety Magazine Jun. 25 – 27, 2004 1. Fahrenheit 9/11………………..$23,920,637 Engagements: 868 Cume: $24,078,959 2. White Chicks…………………..$19,676,748 Engagements:2,726 Cume: $27,180,139 3. DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story…$18,787,419 Engagements:3,020 Cume: $67,458,145 4. The Notebook…………………..$13,464,745 Engagements:2,303 Cume: $13,464,745 5. The Terminal…………………..$13,135,148 Engagements:2,914 Cume: $41,040,124 6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban$11,247,412 Engagements:3,404 Cume: $211,537,548 7. Shrek 2……………………….$10,216,452 Engagements:2,937 Cume: $396,782,535 8. Garfield: The Movie……………..$7,526,987 Engagements:2,880 Cume: $56,297,265 9. Two Brothers……………………$6,144,160 Engagements:2,175 Cume: $6,144,160 =&0=&
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Some Pics In The “Scrapbook For BetteHeads” (Thanks Jamie)

I’ve put in some pics that fellow Bettehead Jamie sent me from the Spring Gala Bette held for the christening of her new BoatHouse. You’ll see a pic of Jamie with Bette and one with Jamie’s husband, Niall with Martin. I’ve thrown in some professional pics, too: The Boathouse Christening Also, Jamie sent in a few “behind the scenes” photos when she went to see the Stepford Wive’s cast on The View: Behind The Scenes of The View So, many thanks to Jamie for sharing this with all of us…. Love, Mister D
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Sunday, June 27, 2004


trailer10.jpg (Thanks for the pic Sara) =&0=&

As predicted, Michael Moore’s incendiary ode to the Bush administration broke records and made history becoming the highest grossing documentary in history. Seems to have stoked the curiosoty od the left, right, and in-between. No matter what you think of Mr. Moore, he’s given something for people to talk and think about… The Stepford Wives rounds out the Top 10, with total gross estimate most likely aroud 49 million to date…let’s keep word of mouth going on this one…take your friends and relatives,,,,it ain’t over yet..:-) ...  Read More

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Ever Wonder, Hmm…Where Did Bette Celebrate Her 30th?” (For Chef Bev)

Philadelphia Restaurant Trends – June 2004 By John Fischer Astral Plane (Their Website) This 31-year-old restaurant in an historic townhouse was chosen as the spot for Bette Midler’s 30th birthday party. The dramatic setting includes flowing fabric on the ceilings, mismatched china and silverware and pictures of film stars on the walls. Executive Chef Rodolfo Ramirez uses the freshest locally grown ingredients in his contemporary American cuisine. 1708 Lombard Street If you go, tell them Mister D sent you…LOL
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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Going Into The Weekend The Box Office Was As Follows


Stepford Wives actually moved up a notch during the week, but look for some heavy competition going into this weekend with another comedy, “White Chicks” and Micheal Moore’s “valentine” to President Bush. (Tongue firmly planted within my cheek) Thanks to the neocon noise machine and spinmeisters (being silent may have helped their cause, but ranting, spinning, and/or lying is their oxygen, so they can’t help themselves, I suppose), “ultra-lefty” Moore may actually make history here opening at Number One…and here’s a “just in”…according to Box Office Mojo…Friday talleys are in with Moore in first, White Chicks in second, and SW in a 3 way for 10th….but we’ve got 2 more days to go… ...  Read More

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Some TidBit Links (Thank You Lisa)

The first some of you probably know about, but there are many that may not. This is a piece on NPR’s Fresh Aire with Terry Gross regarding the Rosemary Clooney Tribute CD: NPR : Fresh Air for Friday, October 3, 2003 Have you ever wanted to yodel while milking a cow as Bette did in “Big Business”? Here’s your chance…: Learn to Yodel Yodel-Lay-Hee-Who!!!! And thank you Lisa 🙂 Mister D
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