Bette Has The Letters From EBAY (Thank you Lisa!!!)

I had been getting a lot of emails about the letters being auctioned off on EBAY, which I found to be disgusting and creepy. Early on Darrell had sent a letter to the seller on behalf of both us that we could get the letters to her (since that was their primary concern, supposedly). WE offered to pay a flat rate for them. We never heard back from the seller.

I tried to go on-line early on to win them so I could just send them directly to Bette, but I had to give up around the 300.00 mark. Then it went into high gear where the letters went up to 1000.00 +….

Eventually Lisa, who had a clearer focus than I did (LOL), thought to call NYRP, who in turn said they were aware of the letters and were going to get them. To make a long story short….it has been verifed that Bette will be given the letters, and the seller on EBAY will be suspended….

Bette’s camp told Lisa that Bette was very appreciative of the fans that tried to help and/or expressed concern….and I’m proud to say there were a lot of you that wrote and expressed your worries over this….thank God for the Bette fans that know the line between right and wrong…

So everybody can rest now and go back to work…:-)

Love, Mister D

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