Bette’s Big Day!: I Call it BoatHouse Betty Day

Liz Smith
NY Post

BETTE MIDLER’S whoop-de- do for her New York Restoration Project meets this evening with the help of Gov. George Pataki, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Linda Wachner, Yoko Ono, Ann Ziff and yours truly. The Divine Miss M will open a 13-acre Swindler Cove Park and Boathouse on the Harlem River.

I went with Bette several years ago to this dismal site where she dreamed – standing in garbage up to our ankles – of offering Harlem youth a way to get out on the water, help manufacture their own boats and restore a green area nearby. I thought this was the impossible dream! But once again, for New York City, she has done it.

What a woman! In her new movie, Bette plays the ultimate example of a Stepford wife – made over totally. On screen, this was not a good thing. In real life, however, maybe there’s something to be said for all kinds of revitalization, restoration and change toward perfection. Call 212-333-2552 to become a volunteer for Midler, and 212-573-6933 to purchase tickets.

Check out what’s going on: Click Here

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