Bette Has The Letters (Part II)


My last post seemed to confuse some people because they didn’t see what the auction was all about. Here is what some person was trying to sell on Ebay. To make a long story short: Ms. Midler will be getting these very personal family memorabilia…that’s the only thing that truly matters now…

The auction was for the following items:

Do you know Bette Midler’s childhood nick-name? Now’s your chance to find out!

This is a really cool collection of ORIGINAL REAL Bette Midler ephemera from her childhood in Hawaii. There are hand written letters from Bette, her sister Judy, her cousin Peter, etc.

We have recieved these items from the estate of Milton Dormont & Frannie Dormont, Bette Midler’s Aunt & Uncle. He was also an artist and photographer.

We have tried contacting Bettes agency to see if she was interested in these, but we were never able to get a response.

There is a stack of newspaper articles, about 25 letters & envelopes from her sister Judy, some from Bette herself, about 100 letters from family & friends, postcards, a 1927 yearbook of her Aunt Frannie, a sketch book, an Engineering Diploma from West Virginia for Milton, all kinds of neat stuff.


Letters from Judy are mostly from the 1950’s and from Aiea, Hawaii. There are also letters from Bette’s parents.

NYRP was successful in intercepting these personal treasures. So Bravo!!

I hope this clears up everything…just put the pieces together from my previous post down below for a fun exercise to strengthen your investigative skills! 🙂

Sweet dreams everybody…

Love, Mister D

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