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Rob On Writing Does Bette Midler Follow You? March 15, 2012 The other day I came across Bette Midler’s Twitter…

Happy St Patrick’s Day BetteHeads! (Much Love To Da’Vi)

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

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Video: Perfect Isn’t Easy – Disney Princesses (Thanks Molly)

Video: Billy-A-Dick (1991)

BetteBack: Great, Sassy Interview With The Divine, Demure Miss M On A Roll With “For The Boys”

Logansport Pharos-Tribune The Divine, Demure Miss M Is On A Roll With ‘For The Boys‘ By Ryan Murphy November 28,1991   “For…

BetteBack November 29, 1991: Sole Reason To See “For The Boys” Is Bette Midler

Altoona Mirror For The Boys Review November 29, 1991 For the first hour, “For the Boys” is ,a dazzling musical…

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