2006 – Bette Midler – From A Distance – Christmas Version

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Bette Midler On Women Making More Than Their Husbands:

Bette Midler On Women Making More Than Their Husbands: “There may be a stand taken against women who are more…

Bette Midler On Kiss My Brass

Bette Midler On Kiss My Brass: “I always want a beautiful stage show. When I fell in love with the…

BetteBack June 24, 1998: Bette Midler Won’t Make It To Small Screen Soon

Lowell Sun June 24, 1998 Looks like Bette Midler won’t be making the trip to the small screen anytime soon.…

Bette Midler – What A Wonderful World – Friends Of The Environment – 1989

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BetteBack September 9, 1973: Good, Better, Best, Bette

Independent Press Telegram September 9, 1973 Bette Midler is almost too camp to be true. From her frizzled, orange-red hair…

2015 – Bette Midler Has Been Fired A Lot – Jimmy Kimmel

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