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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Meet the greatest LGBT icons over 70 years old

Pink News Meet the greatest LGBT icons over 70 years old Bea Mitchell 29th September 2017, 3:20 PM Here, however, we’re paying homage to some of our favourite gay icons (and allies) over the age of 70. (Not that you’d know they were.)


71-year-old Cher looks more glam, fit and fabulous than the majority of us ever have. More importantly, however, she’s one of the gay community’s most vocal advocates. As well as playing a lesbian in the film Silkwood, and cameoing in Will & Grace as the idol of gay character Jack McFarland, Cher supported her son Chaz Bono’s gender transition.

Bette Midler

Hocus Pocus and The First Wives Club star Bette Midler first gained gay icon status in the 1970s. After performing on Broadway, Midler began performing at the Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse in the city. “Despite the way things turned out [with the AIDS crisis], I’m still proud of those days [singing at gay bathhouses]. I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement, and I hope I did my part to help it move forward. So, I kind of wear the label of ‘Bathhouse Betty’ with pride,” Bette, who is now age 71, said in 1998.

Barbra Streisand

An LGBT rights advocate, Barbra is also a fierce liberal and is involved in women’s health issues. 75-year-old Barbra also has a gay son, Jason Gould. She’s one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with more than 68.5 million albums in the US and a total of 150 million albums and singles sold worldwide.

George Takei

George Takei 80-year-old George Takei has become a staple of the gay community worldwide. The Star Trek alum is a long-time proponent of LGBT rights, and was awarded an LGBT Humanist Award in 2012, as well as a GLAAD Vito Russo Award in 2014 – presented to openly LGBT media professionals who have made a significant different in promoting equality for the gay community.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 84, has become an unlikely hero for her infallible support for LGBT equality in the US, helping end discriminatory laws and securing equal marriage. The Justice, known to her fans as ‘Notorious RBG’ has long supported equality, even attracting fury from conservatives for performing numerous same-sex weddings herself.

Betty White

A long time supporter of LGBT rights, Betty, 95, came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2010 and couldn’t understand why so many people were opposed to it.

Liza Minnelli

It’s only natural that the daughter of ultimate gay icon Judy Garland became a gay icon in her own right. (We haven’t included Judy, because we’re focusing on living icons. Apols.) Liza’s Academy Award-winning performance as Sally Bowles in 1972 musical film Cabaret cemented her status as an LGBT icon, which she remains at the age of 71.

Dolly Parton

Also 71 years old, Dolly Parton has 

never let her country roots stop her from speaking out for equality. ...  Read More

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

BetteBack March 3, 1975: Is Bette Midler going to appear on TV as a regular on a show without singing?

News Journal Mansfield March 3, 1975 Bette Midler Q. – I was told that Bette Midler is going to appear on TV as a regular on a show without singing. Is this possible?  P.B., Bridgeport, Conn. A. – It’s possible, but it’s not about to happen. Bette Midler has not signed to star in a straight non – musical TV series. However, she is a capable actress and would probably do well playing an offbeat character in a TV series. Bette’s current plans do not involve TV … she is readying a Broadway revue in which she will star.

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