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Saturday, February 10, 2018

BetteBack April 30, 1975: Bette Midler Is Back Rashy And Gimmicky (‘Clams’)

Lawton Constitiution April 30, 1975 2016-07-15_0-21-12 NEW YORK (AP ) — A strenuous comeback bid is being made in “Bette Midler‘s Clams on the Half Shell Revue” by one of the most highly publicized maybe-stars of showbiz. Flashy, brassy and gimmicky, the production has moved into Broadway’s Minskoff Theater for a run until June 21. Management asked reviews be delayed until after the Thursday performance, but to make deadlines most of the press attended the late starting, 2 1/2 hour fray on Wednesday. For those who have forgotten or never cared , the chubby little singer-comic disappeared about a year ago after a short but impressive eruption from the gay entertainment scene into a more general public round of concerts, and a couple of golden records. A Paris sortie flopped, followed by retreat for career reappraisal. “Clams,” to get the title down to size, is much more elaborately staged than a stand at the Palace in December 1973. The professionally chaotic grabbag tends to make Miss Midler’s own limitations more obvious. She is on almost nonstop with a hybrid assortment of tunes past and present — “Moon of Manakoora” at one end. “Young Americans” at the other — coupled with raunchy comments and low wisecracks. A couple of the most obscene, and hoary, she attributed to Sophie Tucker. Front-row spectators were sprayed with scurrilous insults, a night club technique that needs a long rest. Costarred in the billing but allowed only 1-i minutes in the postimermission spotlight is Lionel Hampton. The grand old jazz pro brought the crowd to its feet in the only show-stopping ovation of the affair with his sheer artistry on vibes, piano and drums. A Motown-style trio, the Harletles, back up the occasional, raspy Midler notes and heavy breathing with chic vocalizing. On the bill also is the Michael Powell Ensemble. Everything centers on the yenta from Honolulu, with Joe Layton keeping the tempo fast and furious as director-choreographer. Tony Walton has provided some preposterously ponderous scenery, including gigantic dancing puppets, a moody barroom, massive jukebox’ and a mechanized King Kong clutching you know who in his hand. Miss Midler likes to be known as “the Divine Miss M.” Dismal more accurately describes some of her work for the noncultist. At the end of the show, however, committed fans engaged in a screaming frenzy of acclaim. BetteBack January 23, 1997: Tom Shales – Diva Las Vegas Concert Review: What a remarkable woman Bette Midler is! (London) On The Road To Making The Sophie Tucker Story With Bette Midler Review: Bette Midler Brings Her Uniqueness to STAPLES Center

Bette Midler – I’m Wishing – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Lullabye Of Broadway – Live At Last – 1976 | BootLeg Betty ...  Read More

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

On Romance Movies: “Anyway, I don’t like to do romance. I’m interested in things that are bigger than romance.

On Romance Movies: “Anyway, I don’t like to do romance. I’m interested in things that are bigger than romance. I think romance is what keeps everybody down. There’s a place in everyone’s life for it and I know that people long for it, but I think it’s a cheat, because there are other themes that are more powerful. Women are supposed to do romances, not important, metaphysical {films} that deal with questions of morality and intellect.” She pauses. “They (Disney) didn’t think I should do romances? I can do romances. {But} I think you must have a c ertain kind of stature. I don’t think there’s a single person working today that can pull off {a romance}, not in the old sense. Not when you look at Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant together.” (The Washington Post, 1991) – Bette Midler Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

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  • On Experience The Divine Tour: “I haven’t been in the Bette Midler business for the past 10 years: I’ve been in the Touchstone film business, pretty much.” | BootLeg Betty (bootlegbetty.com)
  • On Disney: Â “They’ve been very kind to me. | BootLeg Betty (bootlegbetty.com)
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    Sunday, December 11, 2016

    BetteBack Sept. 21, 1998: Bathhouse Betty Review

    Time Sept. 21, 1998 51m-Akn2rcL._SS500_ It’s not fair that the Diva Divine makes albums only as vacations from movies and motherhood, for her genius is as a singer-entertainer. Midler‘s vocal voltage and pristine song salesmanship are on display here in tunes by Leonard Cohen, Chuckii Booker, Carole King, Ben Folds–lots of fine folk. Her voice can ache with hard-won wisdom (on the first single, My One True Friend) or smile with the sweet clarity of her Honolulu youth (Gus Kahn‘s 1925 Ukulele Lady). Songs like Laughing Matters, I’m Beautiful and I’m Hip give the album the sassy intimacy of a pep talk from an old friend. But Midler is not aging; those pipes are still brass-bold and silk-smooth. At 52, Bette’s still best. BetteBack January 23, 1997: Tom Shales – Diva Las Vegas Motown & More, An Evening of Music, Dance & Comedy with Special Guests Bruce Vilanch and Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy September 12, 2016 Concert Review: Bette Midler was as slick and sassy a spectacular as has ever graced the Hydro stage – No wonder Lady Gaga nicked her mermaid routine

    Rolling Stone Review: Generations of brassy, slyly winking female rebels – from Deborah Harry and Madonna to Miley Cyrus – all owe Bette Midler a debt ...  Read More

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    Monday, October 17, 2016

    Bette Midler On Her Song Choices:

    Bette Midler On Her Song Choices: “I never intended to concentrate on the oldies — in fact, I don’t. 1 sing contemporary numbers as well. But everyone has seized on the way I sing the oldies, so I guess that’s my strength.” (Lowell Sun August 10, 1973) Image may contain: 1 person , concert and indoor
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