More on the Bette Broadway Appearance

Turns out Bette must have been the last one added to a stellar cast…those in the area should act fast to get ticketsBRIAN: GET ME A PIC OF THE POSTER AND MARQUEE PLEASE!!!!!! I NEVER ASK FOR FAVORS, BUT……ALSO SEE THE LATEST ARTICLE BELOW THIS ARTICLE WHERE BETTE WAS ADDED:

WE’RE ALWAYS telling what’s hot, what’s not, and yacking about hot tickets. But here’s the real deal. On Nov.17-18, there’ll be two performances only of a Mike Nichols production, “Short Talks on the Universe.” This offers short plays by Jon Robin Baitz, Nora Ephron, Tony Kushner, Steve Martin, Elaine May, Terrence McNally and George Wolfe. (How about them apples for big names?) The actors so far are Alec Baldwin, Ellen Barkin, Anjelica Houston, Matthew Broderick, Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury, Chris O’Donnell and Emma Thompson. Beneficiaries are Friends in Deed and the Bay Street Theater. Call Tele-charge 212-239-6200.

Liz Smith, The Two Faces of Cecil. , Newsday, 10-30-2002, pp A13.

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