Mister D Gone For a Few Days…New Songs Up

First off…I hope each of ya’ll had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I did and my belly proves it…my pants however are not pleased.

Secondly, Happy Birthday early to Miss M. You just don’t comprehend what joy you’ve brought into so many people’s lives. So thank you (Okay…I pretend she’s reading…LOL)

Thirdly, I got some songs up for the next week. I included a rough cut of “Hello In There” that I recorded just recently. I was going to try and have it ready…just as a little gift to Miss M and her fans…hope ya’ll aren’t traumatized…:-) I have recently been blessed with having my leg almost fully recover so I started playing the piano again and singing. Barry made me sit down the other night to record this. but I never had time to go back and redo it…anyway, it’s just my piano and my vocal…nothing special. I hope to re-record it another day. Some of you I let hear early and I thank you for the feedback. I usually stay quite a distance from Miss M’s songs, but there are a few I do play with….

The rest of the songs are from For The Boys that Miss M performed on Johnny Carson plus one song that didn’t make it from the album. I guess the theme this week is intertwined with love and remembrance…a little sunshine with the rain….hope you enjoy…

See ya’ll again Monday…be safe and have a Happy Holiday!

Love, Mister D

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