The Music Jukebox Has Been Updated

Hey Ladies, Germs, and Snoop Dogs: I have updated the jukebox for the week. The theme is “All Kind of Rose’s” with a wide assortment of styles:-) Anyway, some of you may find it quite enjoyable….I have created links to the writers of the songs, in case you have any desire to know a thing or two about them. Afterall, they are the ones that write what our Diva tends to like…so take the time and learn a thing or two about them…

I’d like to welcome new subscribers…some I’m not sure are subscribing for pleasure or enjoyment or for just espionage and games…either way, they’ll learn a thing or two. My suggestion….relax and enjoy the ride!!!!:-)

I’ve added a few more things to reviews and will be putting up more pics over the weekend. Thanks again to Steve Weiner for the scans he is providing me. I also have another source, but he/she wishes to remain anonymous…

Once again I’d like to thank those who write me with their feedback…it has been a tremendous pleasure for me to provide pleasure to you. If I don’t always get back with you, believe me it’s not because I don’t want to….it’s this hectic time of year:-)

Hope everybody is getting their shopping done and being careful out there…have a great week. And most of all have fun…tis the season to bury hatchets and let old wounds heal…

Love and Peace (as little D would say…no, not my penis…Darrell…LOL)
Mister D

P.S.: If you wanna unsubscribe, afraid you have to write me back

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