New Songs Are Up…

I’ve put some new songs up for the Holidays. This time the theme is Love, Hope, and Forgiveness…something that seems in such short supply these days. But what better way to be inspired to reach for these goals than this batch of songs I compiled. If you aren’t touched in some way by these…well, you might as well have a heart of stone (oops, a Cher song:-))….

Anyway, I wish everybody a Happy Holiday. Have Fun, Have Faith, and Be Safe…Every One of You has been a gift to me in your own unique way this year…thru you I have learned alot about myself…some lessons good, some painful…but any kind of change brings those lessons with them. But above all…thru lessons learned…I’ve been happy and have had so much fun.

Thanks for reading and your support of Bootleg Betty….and Darrell and Mike’s wonderful Bette on the Boards….without my involvement with them, I never would have been inspired to even learn how to set up my own little Bette page….

Happy Holidays Everyone….Love, Mister D

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