Two Important Reminders…

1) Bootleg Betty Holland has a new domain..a new home, whatever. It should solve any bandwidth or space issues:

Here is the new link to Bootleg Betty Holland:

Bootleg Betty: Holland

Here Sara has all the space she needs….

2) Around January 16th, both Bootlegs will be down from a day to a couple of days. DirectTV kind of dumped it’s DSL without much notice to their customers. Therefore we will be changing providers and you know how that goes…so sorry for the interruption. I’ll be lost without my little Bootleg page:-)

I’ll send out an e-mail when we get back up. In the meantime, check out the music review section…I added some pics up to For the Boys….when I’m down I’ll do some catching up…

Everyone have a fabulous week. Sorry for the e-mails this week….but it was kind of necessary…

Love, Mister D

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